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    What's the transfer rate of Extra Util's energy transfer pipes?

    Having a hard time finding documentation on this. How do these compare to redstone conduits for example?
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    Apiaries not seeing the sky?

    Update: It looks like Natura clouds actually cause this. Fixed it by flying up and destroying the cloud block directly above the apiary in question. I don't think that's intended though? Some of my apiaries decided that there's no sky above them anymore. I tried breaking and replacing the...
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    What causes this lighting/illumination glitch?

    Anyone else get this? Very annoying flicker. It happens regardless of textures used (vanilla included). See spoiler for screenshots.
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    [TiC] How do you smelt villagers into liquified emerald? Is it still possible?

    So I've been trying it out and it doesn't seem to be working. Fill up smeltery with 15 blocks of iron, melt it down, drop villager in, doesn't take any damage (besides fall damage). What am I doing wrong? Update 1: FIXED - It looks like the smeltery partially broke at some point. It could still...
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    Forestry RF power drain on idle

    Anyone know why Forestry machines constantly drain RF power when idle? It seems like a decent amount too, not something trivial. Is this intended? Makes me wonder about setting up a fermenter/still to feed biofuel to my compression dynamos. I'm worried that the drain will have a noticeable...
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    [DW20] Lighting bug, flickering light levels based on viewing angle

    I posted this on the FTB subreddit but thought I should ask here too. What could be causing this? Before/after pictures are below. Basically it's like the game gets confused about light level/render distance based on viewing angle. This happens with other texture packs as well as vanilla...
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    [DW20] Fluid Transposer turning buckets into Water Magic Capsules

    Filling a bucket with Thermal Expansion's Fluid Transposer outputs a Water Magic Capsule from Magic Bees. How can I fix this?