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    Packager producing plates not blocks

    Hi Guys, I am currently using DW20 1.6.4 (1.0.14) mod pack and have a setup where a supplier logistic pipe is requesting 9 ingots of metals (silver, iron, copper, tin etc) set to full request to be put into a packager. Much like how Direwolf20 did it with his latest lets play. The problem I am...
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    Tree Breeding (Spoilers)

    How does one breed mahogany? The logs appear in NEI next to a few of the other forestry trees so I am assuming that there is a way to breed them. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. p.s. using DW20 pack.
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    Mystcraft: Corruption/Meteor free Dense Ore world?

    I managed to make a stable dense ore age by purposefully adding in instability and a bit of luck. If you add into your age charged and scorched earth you can greatly reduce the chance of getting meteors, spontaneous explosions and decay. Just make sure you have all the required symbols + those...
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    Creating an endless lava ocean on Mystcraft?

    I took that directly from the descriptive book for my stable lava world I made. I have not given it a shot the way you described. As for the two adjectives for standard terrain it works fine. for example end stone water standard terrain will replace all stone with end stone instead. putting...
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    Creating an endless lava ocean on Mystcraft?

    I am using DW20 pack but will try the ultimate pack tonight with the exact same page combo. I will post the results.
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    Creating an endless lava ocean on Mystcraft?

    Iron and Gold pages only apply (currently) to the tendrils page. As both of those are invalid terrain generation.
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    Creating an endless lava ocean on Mystcraft?

    Here is the exact make up i used to create my lava world to power some of my EU/MJ production: This world is totally stable and I was lucky enough to have 3 forgotten libraries within eye sight of the spawn :)
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    Discussion of Changes for Lite 1.2, Tech 1.2, Direwolf20 5.2, MindCrack 8.2 and Magic World 7.2

    Not sure if anyone else noticed but in the DW20 pack the speed boost from quantum legs appears to been reduced along with the jump height from the quantum boots. Has anyone else seen this?
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    bee breeding

    I have a noob question regarding bee breeding. Is there a way to increase the number of princesses you get from a dying queen? All that iv seen and read seem to assume that you will always only ever get 1 princess. I was wondering this because I want to try and have a purebred princess/queen of...
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    DW20 5.1.1 Apatite World Gen

    Ah above 60 thats the problem :( my meadows is only on Y-64-ish so my quarry only had a couple of levels to mine in the layers it spawns. I think Ill move my quarry then. Thanks guys.
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    DW20 5.1.1 Apatite World Gen

    Hi Omega, Thanks for the info. What y-level is it found on the most? Any other tips for finding it would be great. Auch.
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    DW20 5.1.1 Apatite World Gen

    Hi Guys, I just recently started a new world with DW20 5.1.1 and just got my quarry started up. I just realized I haven't mined (either using the quarry or by hand) a single piece of apatite. I have taken a look at the forestry config files and it says apatite generation is on. My last game...
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    How to re-map quantum leggings sprint function?

    Thank Strubinator that worked.
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    How to re-map quantum leggings sprint function?

    Hi All, I have been searching for a while on how to re-map the quantum leggings sprint function to another key without any luck. I would like to map it to the left control key so that I can use it at the same time as the quantum boots. Can someone point me in the right direction please? I am...
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    I have been watching DW20's latest SMP play through and the creation of the shared workshop on the forgecraft server. I really like the blocks they are using for the glass and the engineering bricks used in the tank for the bio gas tank in the basement. Does anyone know when we will be seeing...
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    Windows .exe Can someone tell me what is this about ?

    I get the same error every time I start up DW20's pack. I have yet to have any problems while using the pack and oil appears to be generating fine in the world.