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    Battlefield 3 Server

    I recently bought a Battlefield 3 Server, 16 Slot BF3 Server: Feel free to join and play. :) I will be looking for people who will be given Reserved Slots, this is if you play on...
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    Link endings that need to be filtered

    Link endings that need to be filtered... I was wondering if any of you know of any endings for links such as: .com .co .uk .eu .biz .me ...etc if you could put some in the comments below i'd be greatful
  3. J

    Chat Popout

    I made a quick program a few weeks ago to help me read chat when doing other things... Version: 0.01 What it does: Allows you to chat in twitch chat You can put in any chat which you want and it will load the chat for you Twitch chat stays on top of all other programs It is see through so you...
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    "General FTB Chat"

    "general ftb chat" gets moved under tech support, as it is sort of hard to see, and also should be one of those main threads which people should be using :P
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    Some of you...

    Some of you have probably seen Judgebot in slow's stream (Jadedbot in Jade's Stream) and was wondering on how many people would support Judgebot to become the official bot for the FTB team. NO I'm not asking for money, just seeing how many people would like it to happen. The main reason why...
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    Mobile/Tablet Version

    Mobile/Tablet Version of the website & forum. Thoughts?
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    Judgebot Update Logs

    This is where i will start writing the changes to Judgebot that I make... IF you need to contact me, you are likely to find me on: #Forgebot Need to do (Text Format > Finished > In Progress > Not Started > "Important"): Needs to change Judgebot to Forgebot >...
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    Can i recommend to change "Discussions: X Messages: X" to "Discussions: X Replies: X" as from someone who uses forums alot it confuses me :P
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    Judgebot feedback thread/forum

    I wondered if Judgebot could have it's own > feedback thread/forum. As it is used on Jadedcat's , Slowpoke101's , Maxfirestorm's and a few other streams ? or atleast a link to my email address please.