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    Request Different starting template idea

    I am wondering if someone could make a mod so I can have different starting options for a map. I would like a hard normal and easy settings or what ever name with different gear, spawned buildings, and recipe changes. Recipes can be changed via command like in ftb infinity evolved. And the...
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    Streamer Party Today!

    Today there will be 10+ streamers all playing the mod pack Death's Hardcore Pack. Tune in to watch us beta test the pack. Stream starts in about 30 minutes.
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    [1.7.10] Death's Hardcore Pack

    *Map is meant to be played on Hard mode not hardcore mode* This mod pack is supposed to challenge every aspect of Minecraft. The question is not will you die but when you die. We have changed a lot of configs and even more recipes. NEI is your best friend. Hard difficulty is recommended when...
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    Streaming Death's Hardcore Pack

    I am going to be streaming Death's Hardcore Pack. It is a new modpack put together by the Dragon Nation team. Come watch as I struggle to live in this difficult modpack. My stream schedual is Monday - Friday 11 am till 3 pm and 8 pm till some time after midnight pacific time. You can also catch...
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    Material Energy 4 ALPHA

    As the title says I am streaming the new Material Energy 4 alpha version. Check it out. Also I am new to streaming so feel free to help me out with constructive criticism.
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    Private Pack Looking for small community based server.

    First off if this post doesn't go here sorry about that. Not sure where it should go. What I am looking for is a small server with a group of individuals who work together. Not a huge fan of PvP. Looking for some of the more complex mods like gregtech, industrial craft, Applied Energistics...