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    Whitelist Server Reviewstash|Unleashed 1.1.3|Whitelist|Smaller Friendly Community

    Hello and Welcome to the Reviewstash FTB server! Reviewstash is a long standing small 100% Vanilla community. We have decided to open up a ftb server for all to enjoy! To join is simple, simply go here: and fill out a whitelist application, but be sure...
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    Problem Mystcraft config question (Disabling)

    What OS are you running? N/A Are you using minecraft hosting provider or a dedicated/local server not designed for minecraft? Host What version of FTB are you using? (Dont just say latest tell us the version) Unleashed 1.1.3 Did you add any mods to the server pack? No added mods, Enabled XRel...
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    Problem Error spam in console (Mystcraft writing desk)

    So whenever someone places a Writing desk, the console spams this: Nothing else seems to happen when this message is displayed, so im not sure if this is something I should worry about or not. I am mainly just curious as to what is going on. I Searched around on...