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    Spoiler Story

    Haxed this from a thread I saw on the Minecraft Forums when I actually used the Minecraft Forums. You make spoiler's with [ spoiler ] words [ /spoiler] without the spaces. Example Player 1: Thomas Bingo jumps off the hill to find Player 2: Thomas Bingo hits the Demon Lord of Alazar who cuts...
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    Tech's Short Stories and Creative Writing

    For writing and stuff, I write lots of crazy stuff. Don't expect it to be good, likely it won't be. Also, gramar and spelling mistakes everywhere. Here's the first one, you'll laugh so hard you'll snort water squid babies from your nose. Note that you probably won't and it's supposed to be...
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    Sector Eleven, the bad story.

    This is an AWFUL story so.. I apologize. Whoever can guess how many mods are shown in each spoiler/chapter you'll get love and I do take input into the story, and may even put in character suggestions.
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    Drinking Liquid Ender is great.

    It's heathly. Tastes tangy. I'm 8100 away from a valley near my house if you can't tell. May I ask who thought of that feature, Lemming?
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    Getting Started with Greg

    Does anyone have any good guides for starting Gregtech? Or getting deep into it to late game? This is with Hardmode on so.. In before IloveGregtech
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    Early-game Ma-err steve age

    I had this idea about handpowered pump/well thing. The GUI would have a slot for string and one for a bucket. Although, cells and capsules can be there too. (And glass bottles, assuming you're pumping water.) Each string = 1-2 blocks of where you can retrieve liquid from. (Or more, as it's...
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    Bee Homes

    I'd really like if you guys gave me some suggestions for my beehouse. It must be big enough for big 'ole pixel art of a bee. Cherry wood and Obsidian Tiles are what I was thinking of using and sandstone maybe sandstone. Many blocks at my disposal, however!
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    Late hello

    Bit of my Late Hello! I'm Technician, or Sev from Technic Forums. Just hello you fellers
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    Current Projects and Suggestions

    Post your current projects and then give people suggestions for their builds and setups! Here's my current plan for an airship, I doubt I'll make it flying capable, I am gonna put my steamboilers in it, and probably bees or something. Am unsure. Also, I worry it'll be too close to my house...
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    Water or Apple Juice

    Hai. I've set up my giant system for biomass-genning, but I've noticed, I can't consistently produce apple juice to constantly fuel the Fermenters. However, I have a lot of biomass. Do you think this will be ok to use or what? (Steve carts farm, it's small-ish. I can make it larger.) I could...
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    I've been trying to automatically breed my bees, but they don't stack in the same stack. I've seen people store them in barrels, but mine simply refuse, and I've finally got a Resilient bee to mutate into a Tarnished and I'm ready to continue the line into other such materials. However, I cannot...