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    Metal Forums

    So anyone who is a fan of metal music should check those out, cool guys talking about metal and more stuff. also there is an album reviews section , it is very fun to write reviews. There is the forum button
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    Linux debain auto restart

    So I want to have a auto restart feature to my server on Linux debain . Anyone knows how to do it ? ( I am some kind of new to linux , my friend moslty manages it but he is busy now to search for such a thing )
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    Disable EE3 transmutation .

    I like the minium stone due to it being a crafting table , but i do not like the transmutations in it . I don't want to disable the whole mod but only the transmutation , is that possible ? ( yeah i know the PCT and the bag of holding but still ) I saw in the config transmutation blocks and...
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    Whitelist Server ThunderCraft|Friendly|Bukkit|Ultimate| Dedicated |Mature|Small Community|New Map

    ThunderCraft Teamspeak : Use FTB - Minecraft Channel Since there is a new map , pictures will be added later . Info : Our forum : Dedicated - 25 slots - 6GB RAM Professionally hosted by server hosting company Difficulty...
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    Problem XyCraft world breaking bug

    So it is a new server , and when i pass near a place ( red rock canyon ) the server gives " Internal server error " and this is the crash - any fix for this ? except deleting the map or something like that
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    Problem Server connection issues

    So seems like i have alot of problems with connecting to FTB servers or with mods , for example my internet works and i know the server works without lag and people are playing it but when i try to connect it is stuck on Logging In... or even if it passes this stage i just fall to the void ...
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    Hey there !

    Hello everybody . Well i am from Israel ( probably uncommon here ) and i am 17 . I have played minecraft from beta 1.4 i think . And I have played those mods from like may 2012 i think , buildcraft and ic2 and forestry and those ones . and i have been playing the ftb's mods for a couple of...