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    [1.6.4] Sleepless Horrors

    Nightfall is coming. Prepare yourself. Inspired by super hostile maps, hardcore players bored with modded Minecraft, players that built all the machines and declared they had beaten a pack, endless forum arguments about tedium vs difficulty, and a healthy dose of my own particular brand of...
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    Solved Reducing logging level

    I don't really need to see all the [INFO], [WARNING], [FINE], [FINEST] messages in the logs, as these mostly don't even indicate problems and are instead normal operation of the server. So having them recorded is generally a waste of resources which are otherwise precious on a FTB server. How do...
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    Least laggy power solution?

    So I've been playing FTB Ultimate for a few weeks now and was having trouble sorting out power systems. I had a tree farm feeding into stuff for biofuel for awhile and that was working out okay, but scaling it up to what I'd need to run the matter fabricator along with everything else was going...