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    Whitelist Server Directorate 2 - Small Server | Infinity 1.3.4 | Whitelisted

    Hot damn! I'm back! A few of you might recognize me from, a rather successful laid-back Monster server which ran for about 6-7 months. I've decided I want to play Minecraft again, and thus, here I am. I've got a rather small Infinity server available that I'm opening to the...
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    Nick command in FTB Monster 1.1.0

    - Copied from the simple question thread - I HAVE QUESTION. This might be the wrong place though, but f it. One of the players on my Monster 1.1.0 server brought up the /nick command, asking for it to enabled. I didn't recognize it as something I added, but sure enough, it's there alright...
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    Whitelist Server Directorate - Small Server | Monster 1.1.1 | Whitelisted | ATG generation! | BM & Graves

    Heya fellas! I've got a rather small Monster server available that I'm opening to the public. It's nothing too fancy - a simple survival server running on a dedicated box. This server is intended as a calm, no-fuss getaway - frankly, I'm just looking for some people like me who enjoy a bit of...