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    Botania - Runic Altar Help

    So here's my setup. I'm trying to make runes of fire, but I can't get the altar to accept mana from the mana spreaders. I've placed the ingredients on the altar and right clicked with my wand, but nothing is happening. The spreaders are just staying full. Any idea what I might be doing...
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    Blood Magic Community Spellbook

    Hi, guys. I've just started to play with the options available in Blood Magic's new spell system, and I thought it would be cool if there was a place where we could share our favorite spell combinations. Here are ones I've found so far. Self > Fire > Environment - Sets the area around you on...
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    Blood Magic Demons too Easy?

    I just finished summoning all the demons for the first time, and I have to say, I'm kind of disappointed. They just go down too easily. By the time someone's summoning demons, they'll have a tier 4 altar, which means they can easily put together a full set of blood armor or have access to...
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    Thaumcraft Alchemy Automation

    Has anyone tried automating alchemy in TC4? I did some initial experiments with a crucible and two golems - a use golem set to drop items in the crucible, and a gather golem set to pick up the products. Unfortunately, while the use golem could place items in the crucible just fine, it couldn't...
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    The Osmotic Enchanter is Amazing

    Custom enchantments. Yes, you can have that Sharpness V Repair II Looting III Vampiric II sword you've always dreamed of, and without grinding an infinity of books at the enchantment table. And those Protection IV Haste III Repair II boots. And that Power V Infinity I Flame I Quick Draw II...
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    Cleaner Thaumcraft Alchemy

    Is there a way to hook up a crucible to my essentia jars to help get around the inevitable purple goo that results when I dump a bunch of netherwart and iron into the crucible to make thaumium? Or am I going to have to break down the netherwart in my furnace and use phials to transfer the...
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    GT Distillation Tower

    I was just poking around in NEI, looking for more stuff to add to my factory, and I came across this little gem. Apparently it can be used to make biofuel at a 2:1 ratio, which seems pretty snazzy. The only problem is that it requires 16 advanced machine casings to go with it (which translates...
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    Multiple AE Networks

    Has anyone come up with a reason to have multiple networks?
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    Thermionic Fabricator Automation

    So I'm getting set to create a couple multiblock farms, and I'd like to be able to mass produce the blocks with AE. Most of the recipes are straightforward, but the electron tubes are looking a bit tricky. Specifically, I have no idea how you're supposed to automate the Thermionic Fabricator...
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    AE & Multiple Input Processes

    So I've been having a bit of an issue with integrating my industrial blast furnace with my AE network. Placing an export bus on top of a blast furnace block works fine for all the single-ingredient recipes like silicon plates and aluminum, but when I try to make steel or tungstensteel, I need...
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    Are there any efficient ways to make gunpowder, aside from making a creeper soulshard?
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    Smarter AE Crafting Questions

    So, are there ways to set up conditions so that my AE autocrafting system will automatically craft something when a condition is met? For instance, have it automatically craft more cells so that there is always at least a stack of cells in my system at any time, or have it automatically package...
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    Minium Stone and AE Autocrafting

    Just something I discovered last night - minium stone recipes work great in the Molecular Assembler Chamber. You can even set up the recipes to make another minium stone, and it will automatically craft a new one when the one it was using breaks. That means with the right induction furnace and...
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    Tesseracts and Steam

    So, I know that steam is compressible in liquiducts, but does that compressibility transfer over into tesseracts? In other words, can I stick a tesseract surrounded by eight liquiducts on top of my boiler, then transport the steam elsewhere for the actual MJ production?
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    Optimum Steve's Carts Tree Farm Size

    Out of curiosity, has anyone done any work on determining the size of farm that keeps the cart busy as much as possible while maximizing the amount of time it spends running on its solar engine?
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    Question regarding crystal clusters

    Does anyone know the exact mechanics behind crystal clusters? I'd like to use a pair of infernal furnaces in my automated ore processing system, but my earlier experimentation along those lines ended up completely depleting the aura in just about every chunk within a kilometer of my base. If I...