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    Weird invis blizz + ender creeper in myst dimension

    Hello! I have a randomly crated myst age where I set up a tree farm. It how seems to be inhabited by some sort of invisible blizz... it shoots snowballs at me and kills me, and when I die, it spawns ender creepers randomly (the ender io ones i think), which end up exploding abnormally fast...
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    Renewable bigreactors fuel - infinity

    Heya! In other modpacks I normally set up an MFR drill, with cyan foci, and would power it with a big reactor. The drill would give enough fuel for about 2 reactors the same size, so i had a way to get a positive gain from that and self-sustain energy production. In Infinity that doesn't seem...
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    Infinity ore distribution

    Hello! Coming back after a break to modded MC, i decided (without much info) to gravitate towards Infinity. So i was wondering, has anyone made one of those handy spreadsheets/jpegs with the ore distribution for this pack? Thank you!
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    Silly question about MFR laser

    Why is the MFR laser more efficient at y height > 128? I would understand if it was MORE efficient the lower (closer to bedrock) it is, but it seems to be the other way around... Why would that be?edit: I just checked the code, apparently its MORE efficient at lower Y after all, but i've seen...
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    Agrarian skies: server & chunkloading, or online-progress only?

    Heya! Im having a lot of fun with this map, but peeking into the future quests i noticed there are a lot of "gather 100000 of this rather simple item". They seem to be timesinks mostly, so im wondering if people host their maps on a server and enable chunkloading, or if most play it in SSP...
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    What mod/config in monster adds the quick despawn for leaves?

    Heya! What mod/config in monster adds the quick despawn for leaves? I want to add that to my agrarian skies world. Thanks!
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    performance impact from connected textures?

    Heya! Like many, im addicted to the chisel mod now. Being able to build with cobblestone and dirt and have the end result looking not-so-ugly is like a dream. However, im worried about possible performance issuees regarding the connected textures... most of the blocks I use have them, and I...
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    Sacred rubber sapling "ruined" my world... what can i do?

    heya! I recently automated a rubber farm, and somehow the planter had planted a sacred rubber sapling (dont know where it came from). i took it, and like a fool, planed and bonemealed it. Now the thing is towering above EVERYTHING and essentially ruined my base and all the area around. I...
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    Puzzled by MFR drill + big reactors

    Heya! I built a test setup with a single big reactor (2500 RF/t) + MFR drill with lime focuses. It produced roughly enough uranium to feed the reactor plus spare uranium to fuel a second reactor. I saw this and considered this a viable way to get self-sustaining power, so i went ahead and...
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    MPS field of view change

    Heya! i recently started playing monster 1.0.7, and crafted my first MPS suit. I made all 4 armor pieces, added the fall damage module, the sprint assist and the jump assist (i tweaked them all to maximum, because i want to run/walk as fast as possible). Now, when equipping the legs my field...
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    Automating Dye trees

    Heya! This iteration im looking for different power source. Since the server I play on recently migrated to monster I was thinking on using dye trees (several different colors) to feed MFR biofuel producers, but the MFR harvester wont properly harvest the dye leaves. Any idea on what could...
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    MPS recipes with thermal expansion

    Heya! Some time ago I was frustrated because I checked the configs and TE recipes where enabled, yet not showing in NEI. I even posted here, and got a suggestion to use a mod where you could specify the recipes manually. Well, today, watching DW20 SP series, I saw he changed the recipe type...
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    [Request] Chunk bomb

    I think it would be useful to have an ingame (maybe creative spawned) device that could trigger a chunk reset. Just that... place the bomb, and have the chunk revert to original worldgen. Is it possible?
  14. J

    Prevent mobs from despawning (MFR mob farm)

    Heya! I would like to build a mob farm, but now that soulshards is not what it used to be, Im having a problem because if im far from my base monsters will still spawn, consume my mob essence, and immediatly despawn. Is there a way I can prevent this from happening, other than building the...
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    DW20 morph mod -> remove morphs?

    Heya! In there a way to remove morphs from the list of stuff i killed? or hide them? The list is getting long, and some creatures (like AM or TC) tend to glitch and i dont want to activate those by mistake. Thanks!
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    AE glass annoyance

    Heya! just wondering if anyone else considers annoying that, now that all glass types have been added to the ore dictionary, the AE crafting terminal (with NEI shift-click) seems to not be able to recognize them? What happens to me is that if the recipe shown in NEI has any type of glass other...
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    Anyone into cryptocoins? Bitcoin, litecoin, etc?

    Heya! Just wondering if anyone here is into cryptos...
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    Are there still impossible researches in TC4?

    I remember someone saying they should not exist, and that later TC4 versions did not have this issue, but i've found a couple now that i have found no way to solve... Am i doing something wrong? (thats equal trade focus research, 3 aspects total, top left is the origin node)
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    [SOLVED] DW20 1.0.8 explored map fog of war resetting

    Hello! Every time i close minecraft the fog of war in the map mod is reset, so i have to explore everything each time. That didnt happen in the previous version... Does anyone know how to change it back? (its nice to be able to map my immediate areas of the world) Thanks!
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    Accelerate farms without fertilizer.

    Heya! Just something i tried doing, (surprisingly) worked, and thought I would post in case others found it useful. Most stuff (treefarms, coton farms, wheat, reeds, etc) can be quickly fertilized by using a thermal expansion autonomous activator with an extrautilities watering can. The best...