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    MFR Harvester bug?

    earlier versions of MFR have a large log search space in order to accommodate large tree branches. This was configurable. Later versions of MFR have a much smaller initial search space then chop down any connected leaves (so it'll do a whole forest if that's where you have your tree farm)...
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    A Modpack With A New Idea

    Incidentally, the first thing I thought of when looking at the new recipes in TE for 1.7.10 in the latest Bevo Techpack was that it seemed somewhat Gregtech-like. I personally like Gregtech, so this wasn't really a problem for me. However, I predict some people will be less than enamored with...
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    MFFS impossible to bypass

    Just set up a digital miner and mine his field projector (or his whole base for that matter). Or use an antimatter bomb, it doesn't give a darn about force fields. Or, if his field is big enough and not set to destroy blocks, dig through blocks on the same plane as the field while pushing...
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    Is MC 1.7 a stinker ?

    Onwards and upwards. Forever forward with little to no regret. Further challenges await and new ideas hold great promise. I've been tracking the updated mods in my own modpack (in my permissions list). So far almost all the mods are updated, which is great. But a couple key mods that the...
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    Her mission, to explore new mods, go where no sprite has gone before...

    MFR Laser drills require bedrock below them at some point. It appears you are in a void age. Therefore they will not function.
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    how to use all my eu?

    Last time I checked, the high end energy usage in GT (beyond upgrading everything to EV and overclocking like crazy) was the teleporters. Once you get fusion plasma going, enjoy redesigning your base with plasma generators and GT tesseracts to eliminate wires (almost) entirely.
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    [1.6.4] Sleepless Horrors

    That's actually intended. However, if you want to change it, find the nei.cfg and change this line: lockmode=1 to this lockmode=-1
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    Help with Wither Battle Area

    Septuple or octuple compressed cobblestone is supposed to be the kind that a wither can't break. I've not been able to test this personally yet. However in the past I have had great success with double thick warded stone.
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    [Solved] How do I extinguish this?!

    I usually just pump them out. Works fine as long as the pump is outside the range of fire spread (higher up).
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    Rotary Craft Extractor Setup's

    To be clear, they USED to mean this under the JEDEC standard: kilobyte=2^10 megabyte=2^20 gigabyte=2^30 The JEDEC standard was confusing with respect to other metric (SI) notation in that the prefixes meant something other than powers of 10. So now we have this from the IEC standard...
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    Rotary Craft Extractor Setup's

    You're 90% of Reika's complaints, aren't you... :p
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    Rotary Craft Extractor Setup's

    They're all powers of two :D
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    Rotary Craft Extractor Setup's

    But you just math the two numbers together to get the third... power/torque=speed power/speed=torque speed*torque=power
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    Rotary Craft Extractor Setup's

    While trying to learn rotary craft initially, I set up two arrays of steam engines to power two extractors. One handled stage 1&4 and the others handled 2&3. Factorization routers handled removing and inserting stuff into the correct slots. Gearing was relatively easy as it's just math. It...
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    Future of GeoStrata and DyeTrees

    Wouldn't even be the biggest mod out there...
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    Future of GeoStrata and DyeTrees

    Eh, I'd be fine if you merged all of your mods into one enormous mod with configs, if only for the sake of encouraging people to actually open a config file for once. But then, I maintain a pack so I'm kinda used to looking at configs and such. Ultimately? Whichever way works best for you to...
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    Should ic2 be boycotted untill the power system is fixed ??

    Very much so, except for some of the obvious physics derps (like detaching from a cable and immediately flying away).
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    Should ic2 be boycotted untill the power system is fixed ??

    The radioactive effect is very trolly. That alone is good reason to use IC2. My gift dispensers need ammo.
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    Unstable's out for 1.7 - Any opinions yet?

    It's not the GT that's the problem, it's cross mod troubleshooting in general. It is on pack developers to ensure their users know to report problems to the pack developer instead of the mod developer so said pack developer can weed out bug reports that have nothing to do with the actual...
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    [1.6.4] Sleepless Horrors

    There are a large number of issues that can cause a crash after the Mojang logo because this is when things are trying to load. Forge generally generates a crash report which is saved into the pack's crash report folder, but when it doesn't there's always the ForgeModLoader-client-0.log which...