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    Trying to automate making processors for expanding my ME system

    I've been trying to figure out how to automate making the engineering processors used to make storage drives for the Applied Energistics 2 mod, but I'm kinda stuck, I was watching a youtube video guide but the guy's voice was really difficult to hear and I couldn't figure it out. Using item...
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    Farming Nether/End shards, need help.

    I've been trying for several hours over the last few days to try to get the Nether and End shards needed to do the TTKami Ichor stuff. I've tried MFR auto-spawners in their respective realms, tried grinders, modular turrets, just punching them (Pigmen and Endermen) in the face, nothing seems to...
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    Lava Generator x64 and Lava Fabricators... would that work?

    Perhaps I'm not entirely sure I'm doing it right, but I was thinking I could just connect a lava fabricator to a lava generator x64 and have a perpetual energy machine I suppose. The devices are: I would connect them with...
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    Tainted base, please help!

    I was working on increasing my vis network node and out ranging for nodes. I found several and Teleposed them in, when to my great mistake accidentally sending a tainted node to my base (I missed scanning one. It was at the edge of a tained biome and for some reason it didn't click for me to...
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    Understanding crash reports

    What do people use to actually understand what a crash report is saying? I have been unable to log in to my server since I got up today, and keep seeing a message in red at the end of the MultiMC console that says something about perm 512 no longer being supported in 8 (Which I think would be...
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    Tier 6 Blood Magic.

    So I've been a big fan of blood magic. As evidenced by the great lengths I go to in order to make pretty buildings for them. Like my prior blood temple, and my new (screenshots later tonight) Blood Ziggurat that hovers ominously off to the side of my server's community. But I had just finished...
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    Please help me understand Railcraft

    Okay, so our server has railcraft, and I've been trying to set up a tram system for our little server community, but I just... can't seem to understand railcraft. I've made tracks, rolling machines, electric rails, a steam locomotive, electric locomotive, and I just can't seem to get it to...
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    Request What went wrong? (Crash Log Help)

    I was using an ender book to go back to my digital miner and as I arrive I get the dirt backdrop for a split second and then the game closes. I might have set the TP point kinda close to the miner, but I've never had that problem before. Here's the crash log. I don't know how to read it...
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    Was thinking of making my own mod.

    ... 'Cause obviously I don't have enough to do with my life. :p I was wanting to make a mod, but I only know the most basic Java (but not... you know, Basic). Does anyone know any good tutorials that focus on minecraft modding? What I want to do is add a magic based mod that lets you...
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    Unable to get Well of suffering to work.

    I was working around with my custom modpack and I built a well of suffering around a ton of cursed earth on my test world, and for some reason while it says it activates and it seems to be adding a debuff to the mobs it's not hurting them or adding blood to my blood altar less than 18 blocks...
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    UNLIMITED POWER!!! Well... now what?

    Okay so my girlfriend and I are still puttering around on the server our friends are running until I iron out all the compatibility issues with the pack I was working on, and at this point with help from the digital miner and many sleepless nights, I have gotten to the point I can afford to...
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    Bug Mod sorting cycle error - Has anyone seen this before?

    I'm not sure what is causing the error, sometimes it happens when I test run the modpack I've been putting together, sometimes it doesn't even if I don't change the mods... I'm not a coder so I don't understand the errors. :/ Halp?
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    Trying to figure out an efficient layout

    If you have seen the other thread about what mods I should add to my personal mod collection for my personal friends and family server, I wanted to focus on putting magic and tech synergy into it. So, I'm trying to figure out how I would want to set up the mods in a room in my base that makes...
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    Am I missing something considered 'Essential'?

    Okay so I've been slowly testing out my mods and putting together this modpack for my girlfriend and my close friends to play on a personal server setup. I have, however not been in the modded minecraft community for very long and am not sure if I'm missing a mod that would be considered...
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    Anyone use Thaumic Energistics?

    I've been looking at how it is supposed to be integrating both the Applied Energistics and Thaumcraft mods so that they can be used together to some degree. I really want to try this on the modpack I'm putting together, but I would love to hear from some people who have used it before to get a...
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    I want to make my own ModPack

    ... How do I do that? I have been running MC off MultiMC and would like to try constructing my own modpack using mods available through FTB. Can I get some help on how to do this? If I put together a good modpack would anyone be interested in seeing it?
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    Planning a mars base, need good block selection.

    My GF and I are working together on building a base on mars (We currently have a pretty decent base on the moon.) and we are trying to plan out what materials to bring with us before we take off. (I'm making the Tier 2 rocket today) After looking at the color of the martian terrain, my GF...
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    Server got reset, begin again... What mods should I do in what order?

    Our server had to be reset, and I lost all the beautiful progress I had done. So I have to start again from scratch, but it got me thinking... what order should I pursue crafting/doing the mods so that the next mod after it is easier to attain? I think the FTB pack is new cause there's now...
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    Eldritch Guardian - Sometimes tough, sometimes not?

    Okay so since the new update and the inclusion of both Thaumcraft and the thaumcraft tinkers mods, I've been seeing these Eldritch Guardian mobs spawning. They come with a big aoe of fog that makes my place difficult to see and I've had a few rough times with them. However, they seem to come...
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    Blood Magic Crashing Game - Summoning?

    So I got the summoning plinth and pilars set up and successfully summoned a fallen angel. I killed it, but when I try to summon the elementals so I can try to get the demon shard for my T5 orb, it summons, but the name tag over it is a jumble of garbage text and my local server crashes near the...