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    Twilight Forest spawning in the overworld.

    I am creating a modpack and testing it I found that Twilight Forest biomes and mobs spawn in the overworld. Can I change this?
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    Need Artwork for Modpack!

    I am creating a modpack (don't have a name yet, maybe you could help) and I need some artwork for the pack. It has a lot of tech, little magic and it has a little less nature/decor mods than tech ones. I am currently looking for and artist to make the art for it. That includes the when you see...
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    Anyone willing to help test?

    I have recently put some mods together for a WIP modpack. Problem is when I try to run it, the pack crashes. Is anyone willing to go through the mods for me and figure out which one is doing it. If you do it for me you will get access to the pack and every new version. I will also credit you in...
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    Lagg on my pack.

    Hello, I have written this because I am playing on a pack I created and its code will be valid on the launcher in 1-5 days. Anyways I am playing on it and I notice little lag spikes every time my memory has to go from %40 to %30 and it has gotten worse to wear I'm running 40fps then every 3-5...