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    is there a way to fix the not being able to leave your bed in 1.10.2 thing it i can not sleep in the game because it will not not let me leave the bed
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    is there something other then jei to use jei sucks
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    i have i ?

    can any one get a new pack to work the old packs i have work good but if i try to put a new pack in or update a pack win it loads it stops and sits there and does not load any more and i have to kill it to get rid of it the old packs load good but any new or update pack will stop and sit there...
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    there something not right win i try to download a new pack or update a pack win it goes to load the pack the launcher will stop what it is doing and not load the pack it just sit there and does not load the packs that have not update are ok they load good just the new stuff they do not work i...