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    Will there be an ipad ftb app in the future?

    Well i wasnt sure where to put this, but i was curious, will or is there going to be an ipad ftb app for the ipad, know you are probs gonna say, just use your pc, and i have an a okay pc, it's just that it'd be cool having that app for your ipad. I would love to know if there would be any plans...
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    KnightRaider/touristterrist from Aus here, saying my usual Gday

    Hello there folks from FTB, you'll probs want to know a little bit bout me eh, well here I go. I am a friendly fellow, who doesn't really get mad or upset a lot, and I carry a lot of respect to site admins and moderators and other fellow people, I am 21 and quite mature, tho some people say, I...
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    Windows .exe Flickering Graphics from FTB update?

    Hello there, I just recently updated the new console for FTB, and all of a sudden, when I loaded it up and started the main screen, I got a lot of flickering from it, no, I don't have Optifine installed, and if I have posted this in the wrong section please forgive me, but I have not had this...