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    Cookie Clicker

    No :
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    FTB Mod Updates to 1.7.2!

    MFR is finally out for 1.6.2/1.6.4. but it seems that other mods still have to update API. Still, MFR is back YAY
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    Applied Energistics keep x number of item in machine?

    if you want to put multiple items in an inventory (1 stack of each, for example) Put a ME interface set with the correct export config and use translocators upgraded with diamond nuggets to act as a regulator from RP2 but a lot simpler
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    Moderators: They make you lose count(Longest thread still alive!)

    31, like 30 but a 1 instead of 0
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    The rebirth of IC2 ?

    It is compiled just download the last one of the three files and throw it in your mods folder and it's good to go !
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    The rebirth of IC2 ?

    There's work done around UU-Matter, it's now a FLUID and has that wierd pink-purple texture.... I don't know where that's leading to but my guess is that ( as they tend to add machines to do everything ) there will be another machine to do whatever UU has to do. I think this a big change in IC2...
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    The rebirth of IC2 ?

    And TE3 aswell... THE POWER OF THE THREE
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    Anyone Else Playing 1.6.2?

    with the ue mods in addition to forgecraft mods, it makes 1.6 really cool, but the mod that's missing is Thermal Expansion
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    The rebirth of IC2 ?

    it seems like it's ore processing things are a mix of GT industrial grinder and also with some mechanics of mekanism in the way that you have to purify the ores and you'll get a little plus ( small dusts ) I like it a lot actually, and i hope it'll turn out great
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    New Launcher/Website

    can't access the page... says there is a redirect loop
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    The rebirth of IC2 ?

    i'm installing IC2 on its own to see the changes
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    The rebirth of IC2 ?

    I just checked the IC2 experimental jenkins and found this : Will we see some new things in IC2 soon ?
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    Shoop Resonant Rise [Season 2] [Ended]

    you haven't got an up to date version... that's why. you'd better update as soon as possible because this this is just awesome !
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    [Extra Utilities Pipes] How do I sanely use those?

    1 ) you can put an item filter in the filter pipe, they can filter up to nine items 2 ) if you put a sorting pipe on the invetory you're aiming at, with specified item in sais inventory or use an filter pipe 3 ) machines only accept certain types of liquids( fermenter,ect) and tanks should...
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    Regulating Items in 1.5.2 here you go if you have latest ae
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    Applied Energistics keep x number of item in machine?

    Can i steal/borrow your banner and modify it a bit ?
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    Applied Energistics keep x number of item in machine?

    Set an another ae system, a basic one, no discs needed, and put a storage bus on your chest, then level emitter on the amount you want pointing on an import bus on the chest too into the storage system, the big ae system. be careful not to mix networks (AE has color cables). for some power and...
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    Favorite Mod Authors?

    definately PowerCrystals