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  1. Freakscar

    NEI chokes my memory.

    Hi there. I ran into a bit of a problem. I can play fine, no lag or any other problems - but when I click (ANY) item from NEI to give me a whole stack, after about two thirds of an inventory full, MC kinda crashes. I say "kinda" because it is not exiting with an error or the likes, but instead...
  2. Freakscar

    Tesseracts, 36HP Boiler, the sawmill... and me. >.<

    Hello people of the internet and fellow Beastfeeders. I wanted to upgrade my liquid LP boiler to a 36HP solid fueled boiler (seeing that I literally drown in oak logs from my SC's woodfarm). Twist is, my treefarm is a tad bit away from my base. Solution: The new item tesseracts are a fine way...
  3. Freakscar

    Suggestion/Question: "Active" Window on startup

    Hello there, just out of curiosity, is it possible to have the launcher start minecraft in the background of other windows? What I mean is this: It obviously takes a bit of time for MC to startup with all the mod-loading going on. With the addition of the FTB-Logoscreen, suddenly Win7 makes...