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    Techworld 2 sever with GregTech?

    I've been looking around, is there any TechWorld 2 server with GTech? I barely ever use magic mods, so techworld is up my ally. Gtech is one of my most used mods, and I'm wondering if there's a server that has it. Anyone know of one?
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    Random fires

    Wherever I go, fires randomly start around me. I don't know why, as this only JUST started to happen, but it's burned some things I have down, and when I go to put the fire out, 5 more spawn around me. I have absolutely no clue why. Does anyone know? I currently can't do anything.
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    Console taking insane RAM

    Checking my console on the task manager, it is using a ridiculous amount of RAM. About 2 gigs. The console, not the launcher, which takes about the same, but a different number. After a short time of it being up, it also freezes, and then begins to take up the insane RAM. While going normally...
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    Duplicate packs

    I, surprisingly, do not have duplicate packs, but rather want to know if its possible to actually duplicate them. I am trying to be able to have a modified DW20 for SSP, and a normal one for SMP. How would I do this, if it's possible?
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    Downloads run as normal minecraft?

    After sitting at a white screen for a good five minutes, the launcher finally opens. After that, when I click Launch on the Monster pack to install it for the first time, it says there is a new version. I click yes, and the "Downloading Modpack" bar comes up. And does nothing. In the console, I...
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    Direwolf20 + Millionaire?

    I was attempting to add Millionaire to the DW20 pack, but it crashes every time with a "NullPointerException" or something of the like. I also have added Gregtech, DimDoors, Ruins and Better Dungeons, if any of these effect this. Is there any reason Millionaire does this?