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    Whitelist Server Route66Craft | Ultimate 1.1.2 | 40 Slots | 24/7 | Challenging | GriefPrevention | Teamspeak

    Join the server here! Why Route66Craft The Route66Craft server is all about community. We have a running 500 slot Teamspeak 3 server and already a small but friendly player base. We are looking to expand the borders out of our little country and try to make our server go global. Our little...
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    Offcial FTB Server Plugin thread!

    Plugins currently compatible with FTB server ! (1.4.7) Assuming you have MCPC+ or BukkitForge What do i pick, MCPC+ or BukkitForge? Read more about that here. Plugin Name: PEX Compatible with: MCPC+ BukkitDev Link: Description: PermissionsEx...
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    New FTB Lore server project!

    Oke i'm finely getting back to actually to running a Minecraft server. But this time i want to add just a bit more fun to the game :D. So i was thinking to start a story that will grow over time with the server. Our Main spawn word is build around this little story and we will do our best to...
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    StaffCraft Server opening.

    Today at 10PM GMT We will be streaming the grand opening of the StaffCraft server! This means a large portion of the FTB Staff will be on the stream and joining on the opening of this brand spanking new server !!
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    Server hardware discussion. Any server Owner Must Read !

    Oke this thread is about the "Hardware" part of servers and server hosting. Lets get some base thread rules down first! This will NOT become a AMD Vs. Intel thread! Only post FACTS. Do not post things that might be true. No flame wars about "my machine is bigger then yours" Thread Facts! VPS...
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    MineCon 2012 Meetup!

    So as most of you know minecon 2012 is this weekend! Since me and some of the Route66Team are comming, we would like to do a small get together. Anyone here that is comming to minecon and wants to meet up, post down here. Here are the convetions plans. Make sure to check them out and se if...
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    FTB no server plugins issue discussion thread.

    Okay since there have been multiple threads about the FTB Vanilla server - Plugins issue popping up, i will start this official thread. I will be posting updates as well as collecting useful info from you guys and research. Discussions can also be posted here. Keep this clean and friendly...
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    Solved Common Server problems, and sollutions.

    Since we see a lot of issues coming back over and over, I am going to make this topic. In here I will try to put in most common issues so they can be solved without you needing to wait for a reply on your topic. If you have any fixes post a topic and I will link it here or send me the info in...
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    MUST READ! How to ask Tech Support.

    This post will contain the rules on asking tech help on this forum. First off. We will not teach you from step 1 to step 500 how to install and run a server. Every server owner has his own way and most of those can be found on Google. If you do not know how to use Lunix commands, FTP, Bat...
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    Greedseed's Stream

    We are streaming how we build a spleefing arena ATM. We will be streeming almost every day Status Offline!
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    Mod code fixes and tweaks

    In this post i will add any fix for mods in the pack that i can find to make your server just that bit more secure. Tip of the day! If you like looking into configs and messing with Settings, try NotePad++. It will give you a lot cleaner overview and a way better way to edit your flatfiles...
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    Advanced Mod compatible plugins 1.2.5

    Not currently compatible with FTB server ! In this list i will add the most compatible and usefull plugins. This will not contain fun and useless plugins! This are plugins for 1.2.5 since Forge is ported to 1.2.5Bukket as last. Plugin Name: PEX BukkitDev Link...
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    LWC Config for Mod servers

    This list is out of date! this is for 1.2.5 servers! Here is a list i completely made myself for LWC Everything is written by me and edited by myself so nothing is coppy'd somewhere else :) i have spent myself more then 3 hours of looking for items and numbers and adding the names to them I...
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    SMP Plugin/Mod section

    Is there any chance we can get a section where we can post guides,congifs, helping hands about Mod configs or Plugins ? It is early to ask this but it would be nice once the FTB server and client are out
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    Forum so quiet?

    Is it just me or is it since the announcement that FTB will wait until after 1.4 the forums seems to be so quiet? its to bad since this seems to be such a growing community :(. Hope this will turn around fast. Or FTB will have to do something to get some attention on here.
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    Official Minecraft API discussion thread.

    So there is more and more info trickeling into the Minecraft community about the API. Now what is the API and why is Mojang working on this. In this thread we will try and explain all of these questions. So lets get started will we. Short explanation The Minecraft/Mojang API is a Official...
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    Tekkit server name change

    Oke i think some of you already know that i am gone switch my currently tekkit (shame) server to FTB once the pack is out. Now we would need new name since Route66MineTekkit will not fit anymore ! Do some of you have some idea's for a NO EE server with community and Item based trading. We...
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    What server plugins do you think you count live without

    Since i cant realy find a perfect section for this i will just put it out here :D So as a server owner what is the plugin or plugins you cannot live without! In my case i would say PermissionsEX as a usefull plugin and FishingTournament is one i have a lot of fun with
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    Signup date typo

    I dont know if this is a bug or ment to be but my signup date is wrong :p it shows Members since Wednesday
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    Hej FTB modlovers

    Hej guys i'm greedseed I'm a 22 years old from belgium and we recently bounced on FTB here. I run my own Tekky server at with over 1400 members. Since we are getting sick of the bad support and awfull mod pack of tekkit we are looking to switch to the next level. we...