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    New App News and Expanding the Team.

    Is there anyway to upload/download private packs in the new app?
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    Using RotaryCraft's power for other Mods..

    I haven't been able to get a Rotational Dynamo to output, at all, into either Redstone Energy Conduits or a Leadstone Energy Cell. Using a Dynamometer, I can see that the output is 8nm of torque, and the Rotational Dynamo lights up, but it never outputs the energy. Unless I'm missing something...
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    FTB Horizons - General Feedback Thread

    Enjoying the pack, so far, despite a few bugs here and there. Really would like to see some tender loving care in the form of some additions, though; IC2 and Buildcraft are old favorites and seem to fit the FTB packs so well, so it's a bit strange to not have them available, though I can...
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    FTB Horizons~

    FTB Horizons~
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    Unsupported Horizons : 1.6.4 Bug Reports {PUBLIC BETA}

    Mod Pack: Horizons Mod & Version: Thermal Expansion 3, Dynamic Liquid Tanks 2 (Recommended Horizons version. Believe it is 1.07) Pastebin link to crash log: Whats the bug?: Upon using the Magma Crucible to melt down matter into a liquid state, and transporting that...
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    Unsupported Horizons : 1.6.4 Bug Reports {PUBLIC BETA}

    For the record, I believe there are two jetpacks available in Rotarycraft. That might be what he means.
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    Horizons 1.0.7 Dynamic liquid tanks crashes servers.

    I can second this. I have a small server that generally experiences no problems, but moments after experimenting with Dynamic tanks, and beginning to fill one with Destablized Redstone via TE's Fluiducts, the server crashed and could not be restarted until I disabled Dynamic Liquids...
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    Unsupported Horizons : 1.6.4 Bug Reports {PUBLIC BETA}

    Figured it out on my own, so I'll post my solution, in case it helps anyone else. Turns out the launcher failed to download all of the required libraries during the first installation of the Horizons' ModPack. Given the way the installation tends to go (Installs multiple files without much...
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    Unsupported Horizons : 1.6.4 Bug Reports {PUBLIC BETA}

    No problems on vanilla Minecraft, FTB Ultimate, FTB Unleashed, or FTB Mindcrack. Doing the research, it looks like the issue only occurs with modded clients, and seems to work on different platforms. The techs at Mojira seem to think it's mod-related, too.
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    Unsupported Horizons : 1.6.4 Bug Reports {PUBLIC BETA}

    Modpack: Horizons 1.0.7 Mod/Version: Horizons 1.0.7 Crashes? Yes Bug: Crashes on Worldgen on Single-player (Also might happen on multiplayer, as my Multiplay server cannot start and is consistently offline since installation). Produces the following error log (attached). Simultaneously attempted...
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    Problem FTB Unleashed Server - Thermionic Fabricator not melting iron

    Hello, everyone, and here is hoping you can help me. Having found out about the ability to upgrade gears via the Thermionic Fabricator, I took to attempting to do so on my private server. Unfortunately, while the recipe displays in NEI, and the Thermionic Fabricator sets a bar for heat on the...