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  1. Hakthyl

    Bug Missing recipe for Modular Powersuits in FTB Anniversary Edition

    Currently im tinkering around with MachineMuse's Modular Powersuits. I'm playing FTB Ultimate. Anniversary Edition. According to the Tinker table ingame, there are movement modules which could be installed in the armor. These include the legs on (uphill assist, sprint assist, etc.) but also the...
  2. Hakthyl

    Solved Lagging FTB Ultimate: Anniverary Server on VPS

    Hello all, I wanted to setup a FTB Ultivate: Anniversary Edition server for me and my friends and since I allready had a existing VPS hosted by Starto I tried to use it. The speccs of the server are: 10 vCores (according to Linux 2,7GHz a price) and 48GB RAM. Currently there is openJDK 64bit...