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  1. Lex8P

    Vine Harvesting - DireWolf20 1.18.2 (all versions thus far)

    Hi Unsure whether where to post this, so posting it here. I am unable to find a way to harvest vines through DireWolf20 1.18.2 (all versions thus far). Each method of attempting to harvest, destroys the vine block. The classic shears method just trims the vines and turns that block into a...
  2. Lex8P

    Direworlf 20 1.18 - Vines unable to harvest

    Hi All Does anyone else have an issue where using shears on vines doesn't harvest them? Using shears on the last vine stops growth as intended. Using shears on any other part removes the vines; however, no vines drop - Vines are destroyed like with any other tool that's incompatible. Unless...