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    Revelations Crash

    Trying to set up Revelations to follow along with Dire's current LP series. I've added the 1.12.2 versions of Building Gadgets and Integrated Dynamics (along with ID's 2 required mods) to the pack but nothing else. Minecraft crashes during the loading process. The crash report is attached.
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    Closed Save doesn't show on list

    Summary of the problem Save doesn't show on list Pack Version What is the bug? Seconds after loading my save my computer rebooted suddenly. After the reboot restarted Minecraft and my save no longer shows on the list even though the folder is there and appears to have all the usual files...
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    Direwolf20/Logistics Pipes

    Operating System and bit type: Windows 7, 64 bit Java version/update and bit type: Java 7 Update 25 (64 bit) Launcher version: 1.3.3 Console log, link: Description of the Issue: Was throwing some things in some furnaces to smelt after installing...