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    Traveler's Demise - A 1.10.2 Exploration MagiTech pack

    For more information go here: It will be downloadable as soon as a Curse moderator approves Please PM me if you are interested in testing.
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    Question about world gen

    So, i was looking into how to get custom biomes for my pack, and ran into a problem. Biome tweaker lets me create new biomes and add them to the generation list, but now remove the other biomes. Is there a way to do that?
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    Bug Ex Nihilo Crash

    I was testing my modpack that I just started making, and when I broke a piece of compressed dirt Ex Nihilo Crashed on me. I've never made a modpack before, and have no idea what crash reports mean, or how to fix them. Can someone please help? EDIT: I tried to replicate it and nothing...
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    Request HQM Command Block

    Is there any way to make a quest trigger a command block?
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    Request World Border Mod

    Is there a mod that adds a world border and an item to expand it. Version 1.7.10 only please.
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    Adventure Map help

    So if I want to make a map and have other people help me build, how do I get us all on the same world? Like for free?