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    Twitch launcher - Object reference not set to an instance of an object - error

    Hello guys I am trying to update and then I later tried to reinstall FTB Direwolf 20. I am getting this error no matter what folder I put the MC install in. Anyone get any ideas? I am using the twitch launcher
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    Virgin Media UK Customers - Buffering Problems

    Heyho, If you use Virgin media broadband in the UK, I was wondering if you were getting extremely low buffering speeds on YouTube. I am currently on 60mbps, and videos no longer buffer. I've seen chat on the Virgin forums about this problem, but I was wondering if anyone else got it? Cheers...
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    Sub £100 GFX Card

    Yo, I'm looking to upgrade my now dated Nvidia GeForce 8600GT, and want it to be around the £100 mark, but slightly cheaper would be great. It should be capable of running all or most GPU intensive games preferably, as that's generally what GPU's are for :) Anyone have any suggestions...
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    Windows .exe Building Terrain - World not loading.

    Hey, I guess this is just another world not loading problem to you guys :) But anyway, I can't seem to load my LP world. Whenever I select the world, and try to play on it, I get stuck on the "Building Terrain" screen, and nothing loads. My other worlds load fine, fairly quickly and I haven't...
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    TE Ingots changing to IC2 Ingots

    Hey, I have just changed from DW20 Pack to Ultimate, and I have changed the GT configs to have the easy recipes. However, I can't find the option in the config for the ingots when processed through the Pulverizer and Powered Furnace, turn into the TE ingots. I used to get the TE ingots, and I...
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    Hey there! I'm AliveGhost, from England. I've been playing FTB almost since it was released, and am now recording playthroughs of it. The Launcher and website are awesome! :D Hope to meet some new people while I'm here, the community seems awesome! (: Thanks!
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    Soul Shard Problems

    Hey, I'm trying to set up a soul cage system, with a blaze spawner. I made my soul cage, placed it, and I have a tier 3 spawner. However, when I try to right click the cage with my T3 soul shard (462 kills), it doesn't work. I can't place it inside, and I have even tried different light...
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    FTB Let's Plays & Tutorials with AliveGhost!

    First video ever, be gentle :) I will be continuing soon, but for now, here's episode 1: