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    How many mb/tick does a BioReactor export?

    I have 9 different things in it (using infinity expert). It makes a lot, but it exports barely anything. Currently I am using Ender Fluid Conduits. Is there a way to export more? Wiki is not helping.
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    [1.7.10][WIP][CTM] The Distant Planet

    I personally enjoy CTM maps. I also like modded minecraft. But I haven't seen much of the two combined. Sure, there are some ctm-ish packs out there like ME^3 and its successors, but nothing of the standard CTM experience that comes from other maps. Anyway, here is some flavor text for you-...
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    The reloading texture manager issue

    Minecraft worked fine a while ago. In mid-october it would get stuck reloading the texture manager. I system restored up until last week to try and fix it. Now it is unfixable as the safe restore points are all gone. Does anyone have an idea on how to solve this? Every source i have seen has not...
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    Open 1.8.2: No Spruce Wood Recipes (possibly other wood types too)

    Version: 1.8.2 What is the bug: Sticks (as well as many other wood plank products) are uncraftable with spruce wood. NEI confirms a lack of recipes for spruce wood planks. Other woods might not work either, but spruce is definitely not working. Oak works fine. NEI shows natura and BoP woods...