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    1.0.1: Missing Microblocks

    Version: 1.0.1 What is the bug: Seems all the blocks from Chisel are not able to be turned into microblocks. From looking at the configs, there is nothing entered in the microblock config. Mod & Version: log: Can it be repeated: Known Fix: Adding all the...
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    GeoStrata and TE3 Crucible

    In my custom 1.6.4 mod pack it appears that the GeoStrata liquid crystal recipes for the TE crucible are overwriting all the current recipes instead of appending them to the end of the list. Anyone else notice this? They are there without GeoStrata, but missing with that also installed. I've...
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    [1.7.10] [b0.7.0] Extra Carts

    Extra Carts Now being developed by @SkySom and myself. With more then one person working on it, we should be able to get more carts out into your waiting hands. With this addition to the team, we will also be dropping future support for 1.6.4 and focus on 1.7.10. SkySom is working on a...
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    Suggest Mods to add??

    I am building a custom pack and thought I would ask for suggestions on anything I may have missed or should add. Note pack is 1.6.4 The following spoiler is what I currently have loaded.
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    Adding to exisiting Monster

    I have a server setup running Monster and now want to add some other mods. Question will it break my current world. Wanting to add Ars magica 2 and witchery. I know there is some world gen with both of those, but I'm not to worried if we have to travel a bit to get the new content. Farthest...
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    Problem /help command not working from console

    I'm currently running a Monster 1.1.1 server on a GamingServers server using the FTB server jar. Every time I try to do the /help command from the console I get the following error. Does anyone know what might be causing this and how I can go about fixing it??‎ If more info is needed, please...
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    Monster 1.1.1 vanilla mobs

    I just started a new server running Monster 1.1.1, but seem to be getting no vanilla hostile mobs at all. Only mobs we have seen have been from Lycanites. Has anyone else noticed this? I have gone thru the config files, but not seen anything that would have caused this. We have all mods in...