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    FTB Pyramid Reborn - Chorus?

    Is there a way to get Chorus flowers/fruit in the pack? Granted, it isn't necessary to finish the quests, but I did want to mess around with Integrated Dynamics and some of the advanced things need it.
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    Smelting stuff fast, a comparison =)

    I now and then mentioned that I had tested some mod furnaces, mostly being interested in if there is anything in current mods that can keep up with a IC2 induction furnace. To validate my results and include some mods I hadn't checked before, I now ran a new comparison. Edit: Made a second run...
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    Automation of TT Kami shards

    Anyone knows what's necessary to automate getting them? I've tried a cursed earth spawner with grinder in the nether which doesn't work. I'm going to try the EU spikes next but would prefer to know if anyone had success before wasting time on another build that fails to serve it's purpose :)
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    Have you seen this crash?

    Hi everybody, usually I'm quite good at determining the source of crashes I get, but this one has me stumped. I'm using dw20 on SSP with quite a couple of mods added, so I'm clearly beyond any official help. First, without much further ado, the crash: Full Log: