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    Gravity gun

    the fire is only in your mind :D:D
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    So this'll work right? (TC3)

    Yes, my base was also arualess, so I planted silverwood at the ednge of nearest aura and then draged it with new nodes near to my base. you can use the hoe of growth to quickly grow them.
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    Suggest Mods for FTB Here

    If you mean MindCrack pack, then you quite don't get it. The pack is for MindCrack guys, and they say what goes in their pack.
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    Uncrafting to UU Matter?

    if you have 16M EU spare :D
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    Tungsten Ore and Direwolf20 pack.

    Thats what I said....
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    Stubborn Thaumcraft 3 Nodes - Good, bad? Help?

    i guess your 1000 node was continuously recharging from shard ores in the ground. When aura in node gets low it turns a shard ore into dull shard ore and replenishes. Also when node get big it doesnt get aura from smaller nodes.
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    Tungsten Ore and Direwolf20 pack.

    well RP gems are also registered in ore dictionary, but RP dosn't use it in its recipes (thats why you can't use GT gems to make gem tools, but can use RP gems for IC energy crystals)
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    You know you are playing too much FTB when....

    ... you make a forum thread about signs of excesive playing of FTB
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    EE3 4 Gold=1 diamond ?

    Yea, EE3 is still in very early developement and it will change. Interesting text can be found at its github page: it looks like pahimar is planning to have...
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    Modpack Download without launcher

    then I dont understand you worries.
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    Modpack Download without launcher

    Simple modpack as its downloaded from FTB servers wont allow you to play pirated minecraft. Also I just tried it and its possible to get download link for modpack from FTB launcher even without loging in thats untrue, the jars are downloaded separately
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    Modpack Download without launcher

    how does that change nonpremiu people playing? It's just a modpack, which could be gotten from the individual mod authors anyway, it doesn't help pirate minecraft.
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    Tinkering with Fusion Reactors
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    Tinkering with Fusion Reactors

    Gregtech will have very energy consuming wormhole generator that could send you to its own dimension, or something like that, in the future
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    GregTech's changes and Ore Gen

    gregtech gem ores output RP gems when mined (if RP is installed) so theres no problem.
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    An idea to prevent Nether lava exploitation

    i think pump pumps the most distant blocks first and nearby last so that wouldn't be a problem. The problem would be if you wanted to drain a lava lake to make space
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    Suggest Mods for FTB Here

    I feel thet with AtmosMobs it might get overcrowded.
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    downlaod issues

    First this belongs here Second, im sure the download link appears in the console (you might need to change from minimal to extended log), so just try to download it, look at the console, find the link, try to download manually.
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    An idea to prevent Nether lava exploitation

    If the liquid transposer destroyed the cans, what would be the point of using it? (other than making conduits)
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    Is the pattern for Obsidian from EE3 intended

    Easy solution, place lava under unreasonable peoples feet, since that counts as enviromental damage its not a murder :D