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    FTBOne Stream/Youtuber List

    FTBOne Season 2 | Infinity Hard-Mode Streamers (Twitch) OfficialFeedTheBeast Slowpoke101 WeAllPlayCast Wyld tfox83 MrFlamegoat Kleetho Quetzz KiwiFails Runew0lf Bronson2392 FireBall1725 Redo6565 YouTubers TheOnlyBentley tedyhere
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    FTB Infinity Expert Mode | Behind the scenes with tfox83

    I have been getting a lot of questions about this Infinity Expert Mode so hopefully this will clear some confusion. Also please keep in mind Infinity Expert mode is not released to the public yet and I do not have a hard ETA in place yet. So about two months ago I wanted to develop a new...
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    PSA: Mod of the Month Modpack

    Due to arising issues found with this months "Mod of the Month Modpack" we decided it would be best to temporally remove it from our launcher and Curse Voice. Any previous world saves resulting from the pack being live for a few hours will be able to work with the new version once we re-release...
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    FTB Resurrection 1.0.1 Update Info.

    I have finished the next version of Resurrection and it's in testing stages now. I leave for PAX South Thursday morning so I do not want to release a major update until I after I get back in town, just in case something goes wrong. I may have limited net access and time while I am away. I do...
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    (Official) FTB Resurrection Beta Testers

    So many people already know that myself and @slowpoke are working on a new FTB Modpack based off of FTB Ultimate. The building stages of the pack are near complete and ore gen finished minus a few tweaks. I am seeking help from the community to help test this pack. Normally testing can be...
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    [1.7.10] The Dark Trilogy [PUBLIC BETA]

    *** @Gideonseymour is now maintaining The Dark Trilogy *** (This thread will still be used and Gideon will respond to messages here) The Dark Trilogy is a modpack built by myself over the past couple of months. It is an on going project and still in a beta state so expect frequent updates...
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    [1.6.4] EnkiPack Reloaded [Tech/Magic][Public]

    EnkiPack Reloaded is a third party modpack that was originally developed for the EnkiGaming Community which hosts an Official Private Server. After gaining a little popularity in the YouTube community and recording game play with EnkiPack I was asked time after time for a modpack download. So...
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    Important Information for 1.7 Third Party Modpacks

    1.7.2 Packs ONLY: The recommended version of Forge is currently If your modpack needs any other version please let us know when you submit or update your modpack or else this version will be included with your modpack. I will post in this thread when a newer build of Forge is...
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    Extendable Permissions for Official FTB Modpacks

    We get a lot of third party modpack submissions that just add or remove a few mods from the Official FTB Modpacks, so I have created text files for some of those packs that you can simply download and edit to reflect the changes made to your pack. Be sure to read over each mod because some...
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    tfox83's Mod Spotlights & PlayThrus [1080P HD] [4K FULL UHD]

    I have done a few mod spotlites, and plan to possibly start a play through on my custom mod pack server running "EnkiPack", a 146 mod pack I developed for our gaming community running Minecraft 1.6.4. I would appreciate any likes and subscribers, and I will return the favor by liking and...
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    Soul Shards Reborn, for all the lovers of SS1 for 1.6.4

    Have a look at Soul Shards reborn by moze_intel! Mod Website
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    Private Pack EnkiPack | EnkiPack 1.0.0 MC 1.6.4 |Whitelist | 18+ | Dedi Server

    Want to be part of an elite gaming community? If so Enki Gaming is for you. We currently have our own pack with Feed The Beast. It has 137 mods running 1.6.4 Minecraft and includes GregTech! Our community has its own website with forums and a private teamspeak, so staying in touch couldn't be...