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  1. APEX_gaming

    Request can you give me a hand looking for this mod?

    I'm looking for the mod that allows you to create custom multiblocks using config files, I have no idea what it's called, but it was floating around r/Feedthebeast a little while ago. help is appreciated
  2. APEX_gaming

    reccomended packs

    alright, i'm board, what pack should I/others play?
  3. APEX_gaming

    Fastest farming method

    So I'm curious what you guys have found the fastest farming method to be. I plan to make a MASSIVE AA canola oil farm, and I want to find the fastest way to farm crops. So far the best farming method is the IE garden cloche, not only are they extremely fast by default, but they're also the...
  4. APEX_gaming

    FTB Beyond Nether Wing Factory

    so after looking at a couple of creations on here, my creative juices started pumping and I decided to make something that I could feel proud of, if only because it was the first time that I came up with something decent. and because I was in need of Power and Food, I decided to kill two birds...