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    Is there any way to edit quests in agrarian skies?

    Hello, I was wondering if there was any way to edit the existing quests in the original agrarian skies for 1.6.4. To my knowledge, whenever you try to edit the quests, it just deletes all of them and gives you a new book without any quests. I'm attempting to add a few mods and would like to add...
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    Highest damage tool/weapon?

    What can one obtain that does the highest amount of damage in survival? The pack doesn't matter, but does anyone know what does the most damage?
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    Reactorcraft Questions.

    Alright, I have quite a few reactorcraft questions and I figured it would be better to start a new thread than to post them all in a simple questions thread. 1. What is the MAXIMUM power output of a high pressure turbine? I think I have maxed it out at 8.590 GW, but can it produce more with...
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    Is it worth it to upgrade from a 1.6.4 pack to 1.7.10?

    I have a server currently that I run for myself, it has 246 mods in it for 1.6.4, and some of them aren't at 1.7.10 or may never be, and plus I would have to put in a lot of effort to build a pack for 1.7.10, but what I am wonder is it worth it? What changes are there from some of the larger...
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    At what point do YOU start Applied Energistics?

    At what point in your world or server do you usually start applied energistics? I am still on AE1, on 1.6.4, but when did you usually start it? It seems to require quite a bit of resources from my experience, but sometimes I see people have it almost the first thing they do and I wonder how that...
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    Your opinion on first amateur texture butchering?

    Alrighty, so this is the first time I ever have created textures for minecraft and I know they aren't seamless and whatnot but this is a temporary solution and this is my first time so its not very good but I would like your opinions on them for personal use and as a temporary solution what you...
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    How to get liquids out of Rotarycraft pipes?

    I cannot figure out how to use the pipe pump and I cannot figure out how to get those last few drops of jet fuel out of those fuel lines. Does anyone have any idea how to work these things? I can't figure it out or find documentation on it.
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    Going to dentist tomorrow, cavities.

    Alright, I've always not really liked the dentists and I've only had one or maybe two cavities before but I have about 2-3 now and the odd part is, my dad is the dentist. I'm just nervous about getting it filled, not about it hurting but just the way it will feel once I am numbed up and he...
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    Applied Energistics level emitter?

    Alright so I am trying to fill a furnace up with an item and when the me system only has 1 of that item left I want it to stop filling the furnace, but I can not quite figure out how to do that as dark cables are only connected when receiving a signal but the only options on a level emitter are...
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    Wrath Lamps?

    Hello, yes I know this has been discussed a lot before but I have some questions about it and would rather not post in a really old thread. First, I have fallen in love with wrath lamps as they seem like the only viable light source for large structures as gaseous illuminae produces really odd...
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    I cannot get a furnace to fill with charcoal using applied energistics?

    Here is my setup: It just fills all the slots with charcoal except for the output. it makes graphite bars from reactorcraft and I cannot figure out how to use AE to only input into ONE face and only that face. Can anyone help or anyone have any ideas/fixes?
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    Quitting drinking soda and have started drinking coffee?

    Hello everyone, I recently have decided to stop drinking soda as it is not good for me in any way especially my teeth and my weight. I have started drinking coffee in the morning to wake me up and give me a caffeine boost and get rid of those nasty caffeine headaches. I was wondering is it safe...
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    Big Reactors?

    Alright, so I was wondering what the largest big reactor you have ever built was and what you used for coolant and its output. I seem to understand that diamond is the best coolant correct? Can you guys show me some of your setups of big reactors? I need some inspiration and design ideas :P
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    Any ways to recycle tools and armor?

    by recycle I do not mean ic2 recycle, I mean turn them into some form of something useful by smelting them or using some machine to turn them back into useful things, as I have quite a bit of mekanism armor laying around that is damanged and undamaged but I cannot find anything to use it for...
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    Recipe Conflict between Ic2 bronze tools and mekanism bronze tools?

    Alright, so it seems that the way forward would to remove one of the recipes and re-define it via minetweaker, but there is my problem, I cannot decide what I would want the recipe to be for one of them as I want to be able to craft both but I want it to be balanced, any ideas guys?
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    Getting over a cold? Any tricks?

    Alright, I haven't honestly been sick at all in about 4 years. I am not used to being sick so right now it feels like my face is about to explode and my left eyeball feels like its going to come out of my head. it's been about 2 days so far, how long does it on average take to get better? Any...
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    How do YOU choose what world you want to build in?

    How do you yourself choose what world you want to build and start in? What affects it? What biomes? What type of landscape/terrain generation do you prefer (Not actual terrain generators but the way it is formed.) Is there a certain type of layout you would want for certain builds?
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    ReactorCraft Questions

    Alright, first question being is there any guides to it at all? I know just a tiny bit about it and thats it, and the fact that the fusion reactor thing is insane and expensive and thats my end goal eventually but just for a normal fission reactor how would I go about building this. Are there...
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    RotaryCraft Questions

    Alright, I have a few questions here. One thing I do not understand completely is gearboxes/cvt. I've seen some pictures on them to where there is two gearboxes right next to eachother. What does this accomplish? I know there are two different modes for gearboxes to run and that is speed and...
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    Ore Gen?

    Alright, first I'd like to hear your opinions on if you like to leave ore gen up to the original mod or have cofh gen it a different way? I cannot decide for myself about apetite and some other ores in cofh, I can't decide if I want to change it to not be in there or for it to be in there. I...