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    Request Suggestions for balanced tweaks for a single player modpack

    Im going to start a new world soon with my customized personal pack but before I do so, I want to tinker around with it some more to make it better than it already is. Ive already made quite a bit of tweaks already over the last few months and some of them are quite ingenious if I do say so...
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    Epidemia's build journal

    Hey guys, I'd like to give you guys a tour of my current base, been playing this world for a few weeks now and its starting to get interesting. Custom modpack. Hopefully I can continue to post updates here from time to time, so long as the world remains stable and I stay motivated. First an...
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    Silence those chests!

    I noticed that many people just tolerate the annoying things about Minecraft instead of changing them. one of the main complaints people have when it comes to using anything other than AE for item storage is the noise the chests make. Well I got fed up with that back in 1.2.5 and edited the...
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    Minetweaker/Modtweaker scripts

    Hi guys, I've been working on something for the last couple of days and now that its finished I figured I would share it with you. As the title suggests, its a set of scripts for Minetweaker. Mostly focused on the Modtweaker side of things as I only changed a few regular crafting table recipes...
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    Torches and dirt not stacking?

    In 1.7.10 I keep having this problem and Ive heard it mentioned before but I need to know why and if theres anything I can do to fix it. Specifically the problem seems to be limited to dirt and torches, I end up with two different types that wont stack.
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    Minetweaker questions

    Im putting together a new batch of mods for myself and Id like to go the extra mile this time and well...tweak some things. But none of my attempts with Minetweaker have been successful yet and Id appreciate some advice. So first off, how would I go about adding ore dictionary support to a...
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    The Metal thread

    Why isnt there one already?! Anyway Ive been a big metal fan for probably longer than most of you have been alive. So Ill start this off with a few of my absolute favorites.
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    My life in the Eldaria Islands

    Hi guys. I started a new world recently and thought it might be fun to share my progress with you. I am playing a custom pack that might as well be Monster plus or minus a few mods. This time instead of using Highlands or Biomes o Plenty and just dealing with the uninspiring terrain, I am using...
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    Adding/removing mods.

    First off let me say I am not actually using FTB, but my personal collection of mods looks an awful lot like Direwolf's. But that pack is starting to seem a bit stale, (not really but the temptation of new mods makes it impossible for me to continue playing) so I went ahead and downloaded...
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    Hey Im epidemia.

    Hi guys. I am 35 years old. I have a massive amount of free time on my hands due to reasons and I play minecraft and Dark Souls religiously, in my opinion the two best games ever made. Well...minecraft only qualifies when its heavily modded otherwise I would have stopped playing years ago. I...