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    I wanted to ask, If you wanted to "greggify" Botania; What would YOU do? I've been trying to "Balance" mod's for a modpack I've been working on (It will be personal if I cannot get all permissions but that's besides the point). I've played Botania only very breifly and I'd like to know how...
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    Fractured Bedrock?

    I've been looking at Factorization and I've been trying to figure out what Fractured and Blasted Bedrock are for, all it seems like is its for needless worldgen. Are they used in any way?
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    Tinker's Construct Hearts

    I wanted to get what the Progression of heart's is on Tinker's Construct, so far I know the following: Red = 10 hearts Orange = 20 Hearts Yellow = 30 Hearts Green = 40 Hearts Blue = 50 Hearts White = ? (I saw someone have this due to Botania) Anyone else have any information? Side note: I...
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    Ore Gravel, Tinkers Construct

    I've been trying to figure out how to if possible disable Iron and Gold Ore Gravel in specific. Does anyone know how to go about this or do I have make a mini-mod to remove them?
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    Correct Versions?

    So I've noticed that lots of mods are incompatible with later versions of things such as Baubles with Multiparts and I've been wondering, Is there a Topic that shows the correct versions to install of Mods?
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    Base Game Changes (Modpack)

    I've been working on a Modpack for awhile now, I started it back in 1.6.4 and slowly updating it for awhile (It's been updated to 1.7.10). I've been wondering whether or not people would be fine with the following: 1. Wooden Tools are more or less just enchantable hands and there is no longer...
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    [Pokemon X & Y] Vivillon on Emulators

    I was wondering, due to Vivillon's patterns being based on where you get your DS; What would its pattern be on an Emulator? Is there fall back code to pick a random, would it crash, a special one for when it doesn't recognize where your from or even A anti-piracy thing?
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    Biome's O Plenty/Factorization/Forestry Crash

    So I get errors from both Factorization and Forestry when I change the following (This is my Changelog (My Personal pack base is DW20 1.7.10)): Crash Logs: [FACTORIZATION] [FORESTRY] FML Logs...
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    -snip- Moving this myself.
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    Peat Creepers...

    I've been thinking about making creepers Drop Peat and having a 1 in 50 chance of dropping Sulphur (Minus its normal Gunpowder Drop, making it so you have to craft it). I wanted to ask, Since I haven't messed around with Forestry in awhile. How overpowered would a Creeper Farm for Peat-Fired...
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    [WIP?] Redstone Fluctuation

    I've been thinking about how to rebalance RF (I would like to say right now I do think RF is overpowered compared to how MJ used to function as well as how EU functions; However you can argue that RF on it's own is balanced) so it's not as set and forget as it is now, A good example of a working...
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    [WIP] Fool's Equipment, Is this Wanted?

    I've been making a Mod and I've been using it for awhile now myself, however it has terrible textures and would need a texture artist for it. However I would like to explain the mod and see if anyone would be even vaguely interested in the content I've created. Currently requires Baubles and...
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    The Magmatic Engine

    I find the Magmatic Engine to be a little too useful. Once you get to the stage in which you can move lava from the nether, there is no longer a reason to use any other RF power producer. If you say Big Reactors, I say a more costly engine, because in the end I can just make 100 more Magmatic...
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    Balance and what that means...

    I've been thinking about what balance is and what It means to me personally, I'd like to see what other people think. I feel that just because something costs alot doesn't mean its balanced. Example being the Flying rings in Extra Utilities, I feel they ruin flying and I turn them off so I don't...
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    [WIP] Wires and Circuits

    Note: I am not the mod author, I am the PR person. Mod Explanation: Pictures: Changelog: Credits: Copyright/License: Github Link You can also join dmillerw & me in #wac on EsperNet. Keep an eye out for random dev streams here.