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    Bug Wrong version of EndStone in Resource Generator recipe

    I know there's a github for issues, but since the project won't let me report there, I wanted to post this here in case I forget. Resource Gen recipe for End Stone uses the Chisel "cracked" version instead of the vanilla Endstone block.
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    How to turn in Mana?

    Anyone play this yet know how to turn in Mana? I tried via a mana tablet, like you can with liquids, but not happening.
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    Duplicate rewards provided after logging back in

    Some of my rewards completed a 2nd time and spit out a 2nd set of quest rewards without my interaction. I don't remember which ones off the top of my head, and it wasn't every one. I know it's setup so you can supply another set of objectives and you get a 2nd set of rewards, but these were...
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    Problem with Industrial Foregoing plant machines

    Weird interaction between IF and FTB Utils chunk claiming/loading. Might not be a modpack issue but can't tell which mod is responsible. I had a base that was chunkloaded via FTB utilities. (This seems to be working much better in this release, woohoo!). However, at some point after hours of...
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    Solved Blue Team Petrotheum not detecting

    Filled the tank with 50 buckets of Tectonic Petrotheum (don't see any other kind of petrotheum) and the quest still says 0/50000. I checked below and the pipes are empty and the right fluid is in the tank (unlike the problem with the Blue Biomass tank).
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    Problem Right click doesn't craft full stacks

    This is supposed to be fixed in the latest version (which appears to be installed). This works for me in other packs I play with this mod.
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    Solved Big pouch from Tiny Progressions causes CTD when item placed inside

    Known bug in installed version of Tiny Progressions. Suggest updating to newer version.
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    Problem Resource Generator Tier resets

    I played for a few hours last night and built a dozen or so Resource Gens. I was at Teir 4 (I assume this is the highest) and was spending 1M RF per craft. I logged out (but left the game running overnight) and now today I log in and my first craft advanced me from Tier 1 to Tier 2 again. Not...
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    Open 2.4.2: Dupe - TD Retriever and SFM Block Gate

    Version: 2.4.2 What is the bug: Setup a TD Retriever to pull out of a SFM Block Gate. The block that is in front of the block gate will not break, but the block will be pulled into the itemduct anyway. Couldn't reproduce with any other item transfer method (including servos). I reported...