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    does anyone know how to install shaders on infinity evolved? everytime i put the shaders mod core in the mod folder my game crashes while launching
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    AE2 problems

    I'm setting up a AE2 base on the server im staying.but im having some problems that i can't figure it out im using the same setup but some of them are working and some of them aren't this is my controller setup(only the 5*5 is the controller,others are just blocks from chisel2) this is...
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    game crashing

    Title: game crashing Launcher Version: 1.4.7 Modpack: Monster Modpack Version: 1.1.2 Log Link: Details of the issue: I was able to play the game a few days ago.But I'm getting this crash everytime i try to open the game. It always crashes after loading.Not sure...
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    nuclear reactor

    i have been playing with nuclear reactor these days and i found that most thorium reactor won't work due to gregtech 2.90h im playing in ultimate 1.1.2 is there any design that i can use , im looking for thorium reactor that output 400~500EU/t and not using condensator.
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    computercraft touch screen

    iv bee looking for programs on the web to make a mob farm but couldn't seem to find on what i wanted is a touch screen and a list of mob such as cow,enderman,blaze....etc. and it output signal to open the spawner or close it but seems like there's no programs or tutorial for this i know...
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    a little problem about mystcraft ages

    iv been crafting ages in my single test world trying to get an age that is flat ,plain biome,dungeon,noon,single biome but i have some question,i have'nt listed all the pages iv put in but those are the main one the problem is i didn't see any dungeon when i went in (maybe there's one but i...
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    tree breeding

    this is my first time trying to do tree breeding and my goal is to get a tripple sapling oak for my biomass is there any better to do this ? is it only certain tree type that have tripple sapling? im a rookie on tree breeding is there any good suggestion on how to do it? it wiil be...
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    biomass production

    any good ways to produce biomass fast? my server has reset recently and im looking for a power source i wanted to try biomass but having some problem i know i can use steve's cart for a tree farm or foestry multifarm(not sure how to set this up) or is there other better ways to get a big...
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    connection reset

    im having a problem recently i can play the game in the morning and afternoon but the problems starts around 9 P.M first il starting to have some delays and it becomes worth and than il recieve a message : and have the problem whole night im not sure the actual when i can login...
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    bee question

    i've watching Generikb's channel and one his last ftb video i saw a xp farm from bee? does anyone can explain how it worked? and how to use rocky bee to get other species which doen't need flower? not ggod at english~so might not explain my question very well~ in that video Generikb said he...
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    can anyone axplain what's a breeder and how it works? one of my friend is going to use this reactor : and he said gonna make a breeder with...
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    building advice

    can somebody give me some building advice? have no idea how to finish the roof also i might expand ait a bit im not a good builder~ this is what i've made now this room is for my bee stuffs also if u can post some pictures it will be great~~:) one more thing~~im playing on mind crack server...
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    bee breeding

    I'm trying to do bee breeding these days but got some questions~ as i know nobel+majestic=imperial also i know if i breed two bees that are the same species they won't give any other new bee first question is if i have two common bee a pure drone and a hybrid princess will it give out somting...
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    nuclear reactor vs matter fabricator

    is there any ways to use nuclear reactor safe and output eu/t higher? i'm using solar panel to run my matter fabricator right now but it doesn't give much eu i'm not really good at english so it's not an easy job for me to understand how it all works or what people are talking about can...