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    Request Interactions - Centrifuge

    Need a little help here. I am having a hard time sustaining power to the FTB Interactions Centrifuge. I get 2 items processed and then the internal buffer is empty and the machine locks up. I have (7) high pressure steam boilers pumping steam into (2) LV steam turbines using large bronze pipes...
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    Question for FTB Site Folks

    Disclaimer: I am not calling anyone out, flaming or otherwise trying to cause drama. Why is the official FTB website not being updated? The last post on the home page was May 2018 for the release of Continuum and while I may be wrong, I think FTB has released 2 packs since then, Odyssey and...
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    What Do You Wish You Could Do Better in Minecraft?

    I consider myself 50% tech player, 40% jack of all trades (within tech mods) and 10% builder. I really wish I could build "prettier" structures. What do you wish you could do better in MC?
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    Mod List Presentation for FTB Packs

    I recommend redesigning the mod list layout for FTB packs to a tiled format, or at the very least, give us a drop down box to select how many mods we want to see on a page, rather than having 15 pages of 20 mods each. This has drove me nuts forever!!!! On a related note, thank you for adding the...
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    Most Over Powered Mods in All of Minecraft

    What mods do you think have the most over powered items in all of Minecraft (any version is fine)? When I say over powered, I am talking about items that result from the grind that almost feel like cheating once built, not the grind itself. My list is as follows: Avaritia: Infinity Armor...
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    Specialized Conduits - Suggestions?

    I am looking for a complete list of all conduits that will send/receive items and rf at the same time, in the same block like Enderio conduits will. I would specifically like mods that are available in 1.10 -1.12 and bonus points if the mod is available in stoneblock (but I would like to hear...
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    Problem with a pack?

    I know this is the wrong place for the issue, so I am asking where do I report the problem. Enigmatica 2 normal mode has a problem with AE2 unloading the network drives. Every single time you start the game you have to move a drive from each drive bay and put it back in before the system will...
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    Problem Mekanism Thermoelectric Boiler Problem

    I built a thermoelectric boiler to provide steam to my mekanism turbine and I cannot get the boiler to make enough steam to (meaningfully) turn the turbine. The boiler is 5x5x7 and the turbine is 7x7x9. I connected 3 mekanism electric pumps to water source blocks and have 8 fuelwood heaters...
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    What Do You Think the Future of Minecraft Is?

    With the end of the 1.7 era many of the long-loved mods disappeared and a few new ones came on board. We've seen a small handful of innovative packs, some new FTB mainstream packs, and even a couple challenge packs. I watch and see a new snapshot every week with new "major...
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    Most Complex Mods in All of Minecraft?

    I make it a point to learn at least 1 new mod on every playthrough of Minecraft. This playthrough I (finally) learned EviromentalTech, WOOT, and Xnet. On my list to learn next is Steve's Factory Manager and Advanced Generators. (I know advanced generators is not particularly hard, I've just not...
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    Chinese Characters Spamming the Forums

    Why are these spam posts with all the chinese letters not being dealt with in a timely manner?
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    Request Computercraft

    If a person wanted to attempt to learn Computercraft for automation purposes, but doesn't know the first thing about programming, what resources would you suggest they look at?
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    Request What Mod Will Allow Me...

    I used to love carpenter blocks from 1.7.10. I loved how you could make "blanks" and fill them in with different blocks later. I also loved being able to make slanted blocks. What mod in FTB's Beyond pack will allow me to do this? I have tried working with Bits, but I find that mod sloppy and...
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    RFTools Builder + Quarry Card = ?RF?

    I have the builder set up with 5 magmatic generators each with 10 speed upgrades. That is a base of 200 RF/T plus whatever difference the speed upgrades makes and it is still draining RF faster than I can pipe it in. How much RF/T do I need to feed this thing to run while still producing a...
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    Request How Do I...

    Set a pack to always use a specified amount of ram when using the twitch/curse launcher? When I open the launcher, click launch settings, click the pack, and change the ram allocation to X and launch the game, it is fine. The problem is next time I log in I have to change the allocation again.
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    Request Teach Me How To...

    read crash logs/reports please? I look at them and all I see if a bunch of nonsense that might as well be alien-speak. I don't have a log to upload at this time, but I am sure I can find one if someone is willing to teach me.
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    Beyond Partner(s)

    Looking for 1-3 FTB Beyond partners for cooperative living/building on my server. I hope to make a long term friend to play multiple instances with. I do not use voip chat, so if that is important to you, don't apply. Otherwise, tell me a bit about yourself and please me 18+.
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    Beyond and Lag

    I was hoping someone smarter than me could help me understand some things. I have been playing various FTB packs, including Infinity, on a private server for around 6 months now. I recently switched to Beyond and how I am getting lag. I play fine for an hour or so and then I start getting a...
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    Mystical Agriculture + Torcherino = OP

    I was playing Hermitpack and added Mystical Agriculture to it since I loved the idea of growing everything I needed rather than mining it. I stumbled across Torcherino, which in case you are not familiar with it, increases the tick rate of almost anything around it. (think bonemeal on things...
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    DW20 Pack, Draconic Evolution, 1.1.4 Question

    Apologies if this is in the wrong place, please suggest a place where I will find the answer if it isn't here. I am playing the aforementioned pack and working through the Draconic Evolution mod. From what I can see in the draconic information tablet, there is no draconic reactor (the seriously...