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    Open Enigmatica 2 Server!

    Come join us in this amazing mod pack with over 200 mods and over 800 quests. We also have a discord for the server which can be found using Discord. come join a great community and form a bond with some new friends.
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    Request Working on a new modpack/looking for helpers

    The pack i'm working on is to slow progression down a little bit. But the pack is not meant to be to hard but require more effort. I will be hosting a server to test on as well but that's gonna be later. Ill add more info later, if you are interested let me know. You can find me on discord more...
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    Whitelist Server Globalcraft | Infinity Evolved 2.3.3 Expert Mode| Mods Added| Whitelist | Mature | Small Community|

    What is your IGN : brantwn Age : 19 How long have you been playing Minecraft : Since version 1.2.5 Do you accept the rules : I agree. Where are you from? : United States How big is your knowledge of mods? :I know most of them, i still need to learn a few mods. Why do you want to join? : I wanna...
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    Whitelist Server New Server | Infinity v1.2.1 | Iguana Tweaks | Small | No Add-ons

    The IP that is being provided isn't working.. i tried adding 25565(port) but there was no luck.
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    Whitelist Server New Server | Infinity v1.2.1 | Iguana Tweaks | Small | No Add-ons

    IGN: brantwn Age: 19 Location: US(NY) Skype (optional): bammagera13 Favorite Mod(s): Thaumcraft, Thermal Expansion, ComputerCraft, Steve's Factory Manager, MFR, Mystcraft and many others Something about yourself: Fun to hang with, willing to look for new people to talk
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    Whitelist Server FTB Infinity 1.2.0 private server - looking for players

    Name: Justin Age: 19 IGN: brantwn Skype: bammagera13 I'v played allot of servers/modpacks, just kinda want to do something a bit different. I do have a good amount of server management. I use to run my own server back in the day. I haven't been part of a community, it would be fun to meet other...
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    Open Server FTB RoyalCraft|Direwolf20 1.0.20|Open|24/7|60 Slots|Grief Prevention

    Website: <------(Down until further notice) IP: Teamspeak: Public Server ---------------------------------------------- Rules: No griefing. Respect others and staff members. Don't beg for op you will not...