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    Bug Bug reports on Unstable 2.4.6

    Hey pal :) i can definatelly assure you that the 6th problem is not only a visual glitch, all my bio generators are generating eu, their capacity is full but they are not transfering the power to the electical engines :)
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    {Alpha} Unstable Pack: Bug Reports

    I created seperate thread not knowing this one exist with all the bugs that i found. So i'll just link it in here just in case some devs don't watch other threads :)
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    Bug Bug reports on Unstable 2.4.6

    Hello, couldn't find anywhere else to put this thread, so please relocate it if it doesn't belong here. What i want to do in here is basically post all bugs and issues that i found and will find in the FTB pack Unstable, as i am doing a play-trough of it. I'll just update the main post if i find...