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    Whitelist Server CoolTimeServer|Monster|1.1.2|Whitelist|18+|Blood Magic|4GB| No Banned Items

    Hey everyone, I'm hosting a basic whitelist server with the Monster Modpack. I'm hoping for a small community with around 20 active players. Hosted from US East Coast. Server Address: Rules: 1- PVP is only allowed if the other player consents 2- Do not steal from other...
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    Whitelist Server FunFunGoGoTime | DW20 1.6.4/v1.0.19 | WhiteList | US East | Vanilla | 10-15 Spots | 18+

    First time hosting a server; just want to relax and chill and build (and see) some awesome stuff with cool people who appreciate cool stuff. If you don't have experience with mods, that's okay. -Cannot promise 24/7 uptime (but should be pretty close, personal desktop) -I play mostly at night...