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    Whitelist Server Mineguild Network

    Hey AfterWind, 2 new Applications for you. Form: - IGN: Poekelsalz - Age:31 - Have you played on other modded servers before?:Yes (Dailycraft and our own Server) - Since when are you playing modded minecraft?: i think 2-3 Years Form: - IGN:aKl3o - Age:24 - Have you played on other modded...
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    [Tutorial] How to install shaders

    It is working, but not properly, when i put the shadermod.jar in the mods folder, my fps going down to 0-1 even if i not select a shader, or have one in the shaderpacks folder. edit: ok it works fine and totally smooth now, was my fault, thanks for the fast update :)
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    Coop FTB Unleashed

    Episode 4 was somehow destroyed when rendering, and unfortunately i have deleted the source to quickly :(
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    Coop FTB Unleashed

    Hey Guys, i wanna show you my Channel, actually i only share my Racing Videos there, but now it is Time for a little Minecraft Series, i play with a good Friend of me and we record all the crap we produce in FTB Unleashed. We use both the John Smith Texture Pack + Shadermod, the Videos are in...
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    [Tutorial] How to install shaders

    After starting a new World with the Unleashed Mod Pack yesterday, i found a Solution to run it with the Shaderpack. I had the same issue as EvilEtho, the Game crashed with some weird Graphic errors. At the end i disable Modular Powersuit and the Modular Powersuit Addon, all other Mods are...
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    RedPower2 Manager

    Yes you are right graydaze, i notice it after i wrote it down here, i made a setup with 2receiver now, its not that much compact but its working. :)
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    RedPower2 Manager

    Ok thanks alot i check this. :)
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    RedPower2 Manager

    Hi everyone, i have a little Problem with my RP2 Managers, i was trying to set up a Lapotron Charging Station to feed some Electrical Engines in a Mystcraft Age with IC2 Energy. I have a Enderchest with a Manager in front of it who request a unlimited number of fully charged Lapotron...
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    Gregtech good or bad?

    I play first time with the GregTech Mod, at the beginning it was confusing, but now i really like it, i was spending hours farming with a friend stuff in the nether to get a blast furnace, it was funny all the time, and overall its nice to have a challenge for me and the other guys on the...
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    [64x] Soartex Fanver - Smooth and Clean FTB

    Thank u so much Sir! :)
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    IC power to buildcraft machines

    i build a little setup with solar panels and electrical engines today, which store the energy in a redstone cell from thermal expansion, is there a way to stop the electrical enignes automatically when the redstone cell is fully loaded, i dont wanna waste to much ic2 energy for nothing, and a...
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    The Secret World

    I was playing it for a while, but yeah no time to continue after 2 weeks, but it is a nice game with a few cool features! :)