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    Console gets flooded with FTB v1.3.11

    I'm not sure if this is the right place or if its something to do with the Launcher itself. Using Agrarian Skies modpack, the console is spammed with this. It wasn't like that before though so not sure if its the launcher or the modpack or what is causing this or is it just nothing and I'm...
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    Tetshio Plays Agrarian Skies, Crash Landings, Blood n Bones (Hardcore)!

    Just a tidbit about me before I introduce my videos, I started playing Minecraft this last December (2013) but I've grown to love the Skyblock game mode. Learnt a lot, built stuff, but then saw Agrarian Skies. Now this made me want to play it due to its nature with its mods. I have no...