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    Whitelist Server JCraft Ultimate FTB dedicated bukkit server

    Name: Thatcubandude21 and Ronny in real life Age(if you dont mind saying): 14 Experience with the mods/vanilla MC:I Am a legend at vanilla and have been playing Ftb recently but have played tekkit for a very long time. What do you bring to the table?: Creative building Skills, and Mod support...
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    Whitelist Server Aurora 24/7[Ultimate][Whitelist][Lockette][Essentials][16+]

    Uhm is my Application being denied or is no one just not there to review it?
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    Whitelist Server Aurora 24/7[Ultimate][Whitelist][Lockette][Essentials][16+]

    Username: Thatcubandude21 Age:17 Location: United States, New jersey Why you want to join: I want a Private server where i Don't have to worry about being Griefed How much experience do you have in Ultimate? don't worry if you haven't much: I Have prob +100 Hours invested into Tekkit. With my...
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    Whitelist Server Stancraft 2.0 FTB Ultimate|Exclusive Whitelisted|All Mods!

    IGN (in game name..) Thatcubandude21 Age(looking for 18+ for this server)19 Why you would like to join this server.... I want a mature server with no griefers Would you ever be interested in a staff position when availabe for a Stancraft Server........ Yes You have read and agree to the above...
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    Whitelist Server [Direwolf20 Server][Whitelisted]

    I was on a Private server and i was working together with this guy Krill. We already had a good ic2 system set up. ( this was before ftb existed this was on tekkit) I decided to go help out my other friend while Krill stayed and did some stuff on the base. We already had a company name it was...
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    Whitelist Server Black's Funhouse! [BUKKIT][Beta]|| ULTIMATE || Whitelist || New server, looking for players!

    Ingame Username: Thatcubandude21 Age:13 Read the rules:yes Experience:2 years + Add anything: I love creative building and Machinery
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    Whitelist Server [Direwolf20 Server][Whitelisted]

    Thatcubandude21 I Used to play lots of Tekkit and i have been Playing Ftb for a while. 1