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  1. Laharaat

    Problem with FTB Revelation

    Refined storage doesn't seem to be the issue, if memory serves me right it's a mod compat issue with ae2wt mod/library and P455w0rd's mods which all needs to be updated which relies on a forge update as well. altough you seem to be using the latest release version 3.4, i suggest upgrading to...
  2. Laharaat

    Problem FTB-Revelation ironplates recipe not working 3.6.0

    Glad to see someone else started ftb revelations again :). I have the same issue. luckily the compacter from Thermal works. After checking the crafttweaker scripts, they are ok, i reverted the unidict mod back to 3.0.8 and the hammer recipes (both IE and forge hammer) works again.