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    Question about the New Fusion Reactor

    I have all the parts, and built the new fusion reactor, but how do I make the most of the reactor (using all four sides). Is even using all four sides necessary? And lastly how many plasma generators can you run off of it at once? If someone has a pic of a fully functional reactor that's...
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    Renewable Forestry Fertilizer

    Using saltpeter, and the GregTech recipe you can create 20 pieces of fertilizer per craft. Now you might remember that crafting saltpeter with the compressed air cells, nitrogen cells and potassium cells actually consumes the cell. But if you use the GregTech electric crafting table, you can...
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    Weird Steve's Carts tree farm bug

    Does anyone else get what's shown in this pic? The little dark brown spots on the soil whereas the cart, nor my self can place a sapling on it unless I put a piece of cobble or something on top of the glitched dirt and break it. You can also see some normal dirt in the picture with no saplings...