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    DW20 1.18.2 Mod Pack Issue Summary on our world

    Here is a summary of the latest issue experienced on the BrewCraft DW20 1.18.2 (v1.2) Server (Which is publicly listed in MineTogether BTW) Firstly -- The LOVE!! so this doesn't seem like a rant let me tell you how much we adore the Sophisticated line of mods. Top Drawer addition to any pack...
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    DW20 1.18.2 1.1.0 World Generation Issue, No Mengelin Biomes

    With the mods that control overworld generation the Mengelin Biome for Integrated dynamics gets skipped. I have generated 3 different worlds on my server and used the nature's compass to try and locate a Mengelin Biome. All three times it has searched the 10K chunks and cannot locate this...
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    More Bee Questions For Folks in FTB beyond

    are you using all 8 allowed production upgrades? I'm using the Industrial Apiary to farm glowstone in FTB Beyond right now. It's a secondary drop but I'm averaging several hundred per real day on the server.
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    Refined Storage Fluid Exporting

    and if the EIO tank pushes too slow for you use a high-end EIO fluid conduit between the destination and the buffer tank.
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    Refined Storage Fluid Exporting

    try using an EIO tank as a buffer between the two. I recall having this issue with something else, was it the Tinker's tank maybe? either way by dropping an ender io tank under whatever it was, exporting to that, then having that push to the destination, it solved my problem.
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    What mod is being used to control ore spawn in FTB Beyond

    I see the recipe scripts; but wanted to add a mod that has ore and was trying to figure out how to control the ore spawn so it only occurred in the mining world. I can't seem to figure out how they're controlling the ore gen. Any help would be appreciated. -GS
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    Closed Environmental Tech Resource Miner / Railcraft resourses

    Summary of the problem Environmental Tech Resource Miner / Railcraft resourses Pack Version 1.2.1 What is the bug? ET Res Miner config needs Abyssal stone, Quarried Stone, etc. added as resources to the minable.json so that it mines those blocks. Mod & Version Link to log file...
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    Open Environmental Tech Alabaster disabled

    you can; I'm just being the devil's advocate here. I just don't see any good reason why it's disabled. It's just a resource. It doesn't overlap with other blocks and it doesn't introduce any means of gating any feature since you can use the chisel Basalt.
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    Open Environmental Tech Alabaster disabled

    Yes.. but your resource miner is black; because the only resource that gens in the overworld is Chisel's Basalt. It still seems like there's no valid reason to disable the ET resources.
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    Open Environmental Tech Alabaster disabled

    Yes, @Henry Link true. But I find it disheartening that they've disabled the other blocks. Now all your ET machines have to be black. What if that doesn't work for you? I see no good reason for Alabaster to be nuked from the pack. It doesn't conflict with any other block.
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    Closed creosote not oredict'd

    +1 to this. My solution was to reset the rail recipe back to vanilla. Nothing worse than getting 10-20 minecraft days into a map using Immersive Engineering stuff to find out that railcraft doesn't use the oredict.
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    Official FTB Pack Suggestions Thread

    Pack: FTB Beyond Remove YABBA until it's rendering and upgrade bugs are resolved. I Get it. It's a LatMod; the guy who has built all the FTB mods. But YABBA is not ready for prime-time. And then you gate the Quantum Storage device behind Ender Eyes and Emeralds making YABBA the only...
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    Closed Railcraft rail recipes don't use oredict creosote, only railcraft creosote

    Summary of the problem Railcraft rail recipes don't use oredict creosote, only railcraft creosote Pack Version 1.2.1 What is the bug? There are two distinct creosote oils in the game. One is the forge Creosote oil, which immersive engineering does use, the other is the railcraft creosote...
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    Today's a good day in Infinity Expert!

    Finally... 5 weeks in! and to be honest I really didn't think it would have been this much of a grind -- and I'm nowhere near done!
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    FTB Departed - latest version breaks soujourner's Sash

    crap.. I really should have looked at the prev version. Thanks a a lot man; I was versions off checking the change log there.
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    FTB Departed - latest version breaks soujourner's Sash

    Title: FTB Departed - latest version breaks soujourner's Sash Launcher Version: 1.4.7 Build 10407 Modpack: Departed Modpack Version: 1.1.1 Log Link: Details of the issue: Soujourner's Sash built in 1.0.0 not functioning. Noticed recipe was tweaked way up from default mod pack author's recipe...
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    Unsupported Direwolf 20: 1.6.4 {PUBLIC BETA}

    No, when I say OP I mean Open Peripherals. AE does not support direct CC integration and you would use Open Peripherals interface proxy to access a block's methods. What the CC system needs to do with enchanted (NBT data) items is irrelevant especially given in mod pack 1.0.22+ it cannot even...
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    Unsupported Direwolf 20: 1.6.4 {PUBLIC BETA}

    I tried that locally with 1.0.22 and had issues. At that time OP didn't support CC 1.6x versions. Unfortunately those two are pretty part-and-parcel for most CC controlled automation builds. Upgrading CC but having a non-functioning OP would break more worlds I think. I really need to go...
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    Unsupported Direwolf 20: 1.6.4 {PUBLIC BETA}

    This bug is actually more costly when combined with the fact that there's an existing bug with OP's integration with AE. You cannot request enchanted (or any items with NBT data) from the AE network. LP integration through an interface was the *only* workaround for that -- and now that's...