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    OceanBlock: Firework Rockets

    There seems to be a problem where JEI does not list a recipe for firework rockets and these are required to complete the pack. The good news is that if you manually input the recipe, you can craft the rockets. The bad news is that the RFTools Crafter is unable to create the firework rocket and I...
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    OceanBlock ("Knowledge is Power" quest)

    Edit: I discovered the problem that prevented this from working, but it looks like the hinted at description was never completed in the book, hence my confusion. The Draconic Evolution section of the quest book starts with the quest "Knowledge is Power" which simply wants you to read a message...
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    Oceanblock - Teams

    Do teams not work in Oceanblock? It says the GUI is a work in progress so to use the commands instead. However, the commands require a JOIN option that does not seem as if it exists as a valid option. A friend and I want to play the pack together but we're forced to have separate quest progress.
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    FTB Academy Progression Blocker

    I was on the Botania part and when I went to try to right click a petal into the apothecary, I accidentally right clicked the grass and it planted it. It happened to be the brown one, which you need two of. So it looks like my progress is halted there unless the plant grows and I am able to...
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    Open 1.2.0: Translocators invisible

    Version: 1.2.0 What is the bug: (this is actually for version 1.2.1 which was not in the version drop down) The translocators have no icon / are invisible in inventory. Using a default install, no special mods, no special settings, on a multiplayer server. Mod & Version...
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    Open 1.2.0: Anemias Destroy Inventory

    Version: 1.2.0 What is the bug: (this was on version 1.2.1 but that was not an option in the version drop down) When an anemia kills a player with an explosion, the player's dropped corpse will contain no items, so all inventory is destroyed. This happened on two of two deaths in this manner...
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    Coping with a lack of anchors

    So, assuming you don't have an enderman farm of some sort, what ideas have you folks used to handle tasks like transporting lava or oil over long distances without anchors?
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    Magmatic Engines broken?

    I just updated to the latest Direwolf20 pack. I can't get magmatic engines to accept lava. I've tried directly connecting tanks, placing lava buckets, cells and cans in the fuel spot or tank spot, etc. Nothing I do results in lava going into the magmatic engine.