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    Request Assistance: How Can I Get Minecraft to Run More Smoothly

    I've made my own mod pack on curse, but the issue is, even though I allocated 10gb of RAM to it, it crashes saying it doesn't have enough RAM. Prior to this happening, it gets unbearably laggy, so I look at the Task Manager on Windows only to see that it is using just about as much as it can...
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    Bug Dense Ores and IC2 Don't Work Together

    I have a smaller mod pack and have been unable to create a new world. After reading the logs and removing different suspects, I narrowed it down to Dense Ores. I disabled it, and my world would finally be created. Is there something that I could do so that I can still use Dense Ores. It says...
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    Request Help With Modpack

    I need someone to create a world for me; it's that simple. Just download the file from the link, launch it, and create a world. Then upload the updated file with the new world and then I'll download it. My specifications are Biomes o' Plenty world with the name "Test World" in Creative mode. The...
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    Gregtech HQM

    I'm making a mod pack with Gregtech in it, and I have no idea how to use it. I've seen some people use it back in 1.4.7, but it's completely changed according to the mod thread on the IC2 forums. So would like to know if there is a Gregtech HQM already made, or if someone could make one for me.
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    Need Mods that Make Other Mods Difficult (i.e. Iguana Tweaks)

    I'm making a mod pack for myself and would like to make it more difficult for myself with mods. Are there any mods that you can think of that make other mods more difficult/ more difficult versions of mods. Like Open Computers is a more difficult version of Computercraft, or Iguana Tweaks makes...
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    [1.6.4] Book of Knowledge {HQM} {Tech} {Magic}

    *[Insert introductory picture]* WARNING(S) If you decide to play this modpack, then you should know that atm Reward Bags aren't implemented yet and are useless, but don't worry, they will be soon enough. This is my modpack entry for JamPacked. More will be added to this thread as time goes on...
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    Book of Knowledge {HQM} {Hardcore} {Tech} {Magic}

    THE THREAD HAS BEEN MOVED TO THE PUBLIC MODPACKS SECTION. Here's what you can expect from the quest line. Here's is the list of mods. I tried to include all of my favorite mods and some that I know almost nothing about, that way I can play the mod pack and still have mods that I can still...
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    Gendustry vs. Extra Bees

    I play with the Yogscast Complete pack, and it has both Gendustry and Extra Bees. I recently started bee breeding and thanks to Gendustry, I've gotten fairly far, but I was wondering which system of genetically modifying bees is better and what are the pros/ cons of each. Thnx :)
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    Where's the Configs?

    As the title implies, i cant find the configs. A reply would be helpful. Thank you!