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    FTB Revelation server crashing (v3.2.0)

    I've got a FTB Revelation server which im hosting myself, I've had it happen that everything freezes up and the disconnects everybody serveral times now, after which the server shits itself and dies. Crashreport: Next to some changes nothing...
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    The moment you become a Texture artist I made it im officially a texture artist for big modpacks Kappa Just some fun with Darkosto when he wanted a new texture. Heres the OG copy: inspiration found here
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    Solved Dupe bug in TC Crafting Table

    Summary of the problem Dupe bug in TC Crafting Table Pack Version 1.7.0 What is the bug? When shift clicking recipes into a TC Crafting table, every now and then it will not consume certain items. Had this happen with a Machine casing for RFTools where it didn't use the Iron. It does not...
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    DW20 A new Playthrough!

    This thread just mainly exsists to show off my 'beautiful' work in the DW20 Pack. First the beautiful house i build in creative before even starting to play, i hate constantly creating materials so voila. Ran into food problems EARLY on like constantly no food... annoying soooooo FARM...
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    Early/Mid game automated mining DW20 1.12.2 V1.6

    So all weekend I've been looking, trying different things to see if there is still a nice way to get a easily automated mining setup going. Sadly I just can't find the solution on this one, maybe because Buildcraft isn't there or that the Ender Quarry(or Quantum Quarry) is just way to expensive...
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    Simple Early Power Gen DW20 1.12.2

    So I've been stuck a little bit with my playthrough of my DW20 pack. I'm currently at the point where I need more power, my usual stick would be ender tank + pump in nether and a bunch of Magmatic Dynamo's. But thats boring doing the same thing constantly to be honest. I tried with a Lava...
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    Help with custom recipes

    So last hour i've been struggling with making a modpack(private maybe). Specifically the recipes I want to edit a lot of basic vanilla stuff and A LOT of the late game stuff. The mods I tried that add this ability have not provided me with the answer im looking for sadly(or i might be to dumb to...
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    Question FTB Utilities Rules how to cofigure/print in server

    So in the Config.json there is a section with rules. ], "rules": "", "startingItems": [ "minecraft:apple 16 0" ] Now my question is how do i add the rules is it with in the quotation marks or some other way? And how does one print them out in the server?
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    Solved fml was unable to install the security manager

    When adding forge-1.7.10- I get the error mentioned above in the Thread Title. From what I have found it means there is another Forge version installed, theres not. The server is based on the modpack FTB Lite 3 and im playing on it with friends and adding some mods...
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    A whole new world of Infinity! (FTB Infinity)

    HELLO! So it has been quite some time but I finally have a new world and new server and I am back at it again! This time i shall post video's of the progress instead of just making normal posts. And ofcourse you can follow the live process at ! Expect the first...
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    Open 1.7.0: Mycelium... EVERYWHERE! - Biomes O plenty maybe?

    Version: 1.7.0 What is the bug: So for some reason everywhere I go there is Mycelium doest matter if I go out 6k blocks its still there. Im not sure if its all connected to each other but what I do know that it is preventing some of the other biomes to spawn. Currently I'm blaming Biome's O...
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    FTB Infinity 1.11.2 Entity tracking error

    STarted happening yesterday not sure what the hell is going on... Here is the link to the full log from about running an hour-ish Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    Help with Draconic evolution - Stabalized mob spawner

    So I've used about 3 wither souls which are a ***** to get! And the mob spawer doesnt seem to be wanting to accept it. I have the core thing in there but the soul refuses it justt spawns there for some reason when I right click the spawner. I tested with a normal MC spawner and worked fine in...
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    Open 1.8.2: Bucket of Creosote oil conflict.

    Version: 1.8.2 What is the bug: So I wanted to make the conveyer blocks quickly I had build a Coke Oven before so no problems there. UNTIL! I needed the creosote oil for the strip things to make the trackbedding. Some how the Creosote from Immersive engineering is interfering with that of...
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    Dimensions not loading on start server.

    So I would really like to have my dimensions to boot during the start of my server. I found that chunckloading within the dimensions doesnt work properly meaning the whole dimension wont load on boot. Everytime I first have to go to the dimension and then it will be fine but this is a step to...
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    Modular Powersuits power drainage?

    So my Modular Powersuit is draining like crazy. I cant go without bringing some energy cell and constantly have to recharge it. So im wondering what are the options in the config that I should edit to prevent fast drain of my energy?
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    Import chest from other world/chest?

    So im switching from the DW20 pack to Infinity. I thought I could use Recurrent complex to basicly import a single chest(with all the stuff from the DW20 save) to my current world. Sadly its not working so I was wondering are there any programs that can do this for me? Preferably a mod ingame...
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    Building my base - Starting a new with Infinity!

    Big change here Im from now on posting small or big updates one how my kingdom is coming along! Now what you have seen before does not exist no more. Here are a few shots of the new base :D! Ignore the painter and creative energy cell currenly building everything in creative then I will play...
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    Cannot use help command in main console

    Title: Cannot use help command in main console Launcher Version: N/A Modpack: Infinity Modpack Version: Newest Log Link: Details of the issue: When ever I try to use the help command in any way it will give me the error provided as log link. This is a NEWLY...
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    Streaming DW20 pack! - come join the stream!